Nov 12
jimjam3I am a great believer in fate, I merely looked  on your website  one evening and thought that Jim Jam was stunning but way too big and grand for us.  I only messaged the owner through you website to see if we could visit to get an idea of her actual size as they were quite local. Daisy wasn’t expecting to ride her that day, but Melanie seemed to assume she was and I didn’t like to say otherwise……..Then that was it, she was perfect.
You all do an amazing job at at Horses4Homes and I wish more people would think about re homing rather than just buying.  Our experience is a perfect example that not all horses that are up for re homing are old or will have medical or behaviour issues. We have a stunning 14 year old mare in tip top condition that show jumps, cross countries, schools, hacks, travels ….. I could go on and on …… Liz new owner of Jim Jam rehomed in May 2014

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