Dec 29
derryWe’ve had Derry 18 months now and wouldn’t be without her.
She has given me my confidence back and has taught my husband to ride as well as my children, one of which is disabled and Derry looks after her so well.
Unfortunately Derry was diagnosed with mild ringbone and arthritis late summer so her jumping days are over.  We still enjoy hacking and light schooling and Derry is currently helping me practice for my first dressage test.
Everybody is shocked how good she is after meeting her and seeing her size. Last week, she was ridden with shooting going on in the next field and didn’t bat an eyelid. Neither did I which I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before we had her.
Derry is with us for the rest of her days now and can’t imagine life without the big girl. Many thanks to all at Horses4Homes for finding me my best friend.

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