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Rehoming a horse or pony can be, as anyone who has done it will know, a stressful experience for all concerned – the original owner, the new home and the horse him or herself. For the owner, when compelled by circumstances to find a new home for their horse, there is the worry of what will befall the horse in the future. Will he end up in sympathetic hands, or be passed around? The rehomer may worry that they are receiving partial information about the horse they hope to take on – what if he is not as described? And the horse, as often as not, takes enormous upheaval in his stride despite having no idea what is happening to him. But of course the situation is stressful for him, and his ability to cope with change may affect what happens to him subsequently. If he finds his new home unsettling or is confused by a change in routine or training, and is not given the necessary time and patience, he may acquire a reputation for being ‘tricky’ or ‘quirky’ through no fault of his own.

Horses4Homes can turn this situation around with its robust and innovative online listing and application process.  When owners are honest about the horse’s health, behaviour and temperament and those wishing to take on horses are honest about their capabilities as a rider and keeper, the risk of incompatibility is much reduced and the horse’s prospects are that much brighter. In this way Horses4Homes help to promote the welfare of horses by helping to get rehoming decisions right first time, thus preventing unnecessary stress and suffering in the course of rehoming.

Successful rehome Queenie

Successful rehome Queenie

The reactions of Horses4Homes users demonstrates how much it means to people to be part of a safe, reliable rehoming process where honesty and trust are foremost.

One owner, Daren Minter, says: “Horses4Homes, what a fabulous organisation. For me it was an emotional and difficult decision to make, in the best interest of the horse, to find a new home for him … it has given me such comfort knowing that he is going to a loving, forever home and that he can’t be sold on without my consent. Thanks H4H.”

Kate Beckingham agrees: “I felt very anxious when I found myself in the position of having to re-home my two horses. A friend recommended this site to me and I can honestly say it has helped to take so much stress out of a difficult situation. They carefully match applicants and ask some great questions that you perhaps wouldn’t think to ask, especially if you feel under pressure to find a home quite quickly.”

The same reassurance is important for people who are looking for a horse, and Horses4Homes users’ experiences reflect this too.

One rehomer Helen Watts says: “This has been a truly positive experience in my search for a forever friend. I felt so confident that all communication between myself and the owner was open and honest. It has taken the stress and worry out of searching and I have definitely found my perfect match. I can’t recommend Horses4Homes highly enough”.

However stressful people may find rehoming a horse, it’s the horse who is most vulnerable when rehoming occurs, and Horses4Homes’ application process puts the interests of the horse first, ensuring “that both parties … work

together for the benefit of the horses”. As Horses4Homes user Hayley Darling put it, “It is comforting to know they have the best interests of the horse as a priority.” But the final word must go to the satisfied user Paddy McLaughlin-Simmons: “I wish everyone was like this, as it would save a lot of horses being mistreated and going through many homes.”

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Handsome Hamish available for loan:

Handsome Hamish available for loan:

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