02 Dec
Spreading the happiness by removing the worry

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Rehoming a horse or pony can be, as anyone who has done it will know, a stressful experience for all concerned – the original owner, the new home and the horse him or herself. For the owner, when compelled by circumstances to find a new home for their horse, there is the worry of what will befall the horse in the future. Will he end up in sympathetic hands, or be passed around? The rehomer may worry that they are receiving partial information about the horse they hope to take on – what if he is not as described? And the horse, as often as not, takes enormous upheaval in his stride despite having no idea what is happening to him. But of course the situation is stressful for him, and his ability to cope with change may affect what happens to him subsequently. If he finds his new home...

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01 Nov
Sharing – helping people & horses

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The charity Horses4Homes and the British Equestrian Federation are working in partnership to help horses, owners and people seeking to share a horse through the project “Care to Share”. As anyone involved with horses will know, horse ownership...

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16 Aug
Happily Ever After…

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“I just wanted to say that I am super happy with my rehomed horse from Horses4Homes. Queenie, despite not being ridden for some time has gone from strength to strength and is now competing at endurance events and winning rosettes. She is great fun...

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16 Aug
The Perfect Match!

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“I was looking for a weight carrier and had been on the site several times, and one day I came across this gorgeous big bay mare, she is a Shire cross Thoroughbred, 17.2 hands and the page stated she could carry my weight, she wasn’t a...

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30 Sep
The assistance I received during this sometimes heartbreaking process was invaluable

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I would highly recommend Horses4Homes to anyone wishing to rehome their horse or pony. The assistance I received during this sometimes heartbreaking process was invaluable but I am now completely reassured that my highland gelding William has...

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27 Jul
Harri- Beau: Doing well.

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Harri is just as loved now as he was the first time I saw him nearly 2 years ago ! He has the sweetest nature and a real pleasure to own. Last year as a 3 yr old he did two in-hand shows as education and was such a super star he won a championship...

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22 Jul
Horses4Homes helps owner rehome 2 horses together.

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“I felt very anxious when I found myself in the position of having to re-home my two horses. A friend recommended the charity to me and I can honestly say it has helped to take so much stress out of a difficult situation. They carefully match...

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20 Jul
Winners of Prize Draw.

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Congratulations to Linda Lightowler and Joan Waddington 2 lucky winners of the recent prize draw for tickets to Royal International Horse show. I am sure they will have a fun filled day. A big thank you to HORSEMART for donating the tickets. Thank...

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02 Jul
Solley Has Success At Local Show.

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Big congratulations to Solley and his owner Samantha. Samantha rehomed Solley through Horses4Homes just 12 months ago. Recently Samantha and Solley went to a local show and came first in ridden and in hand veteran and to finish off an already...

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29 Jun
Top Tips – Caring for your horse in the hot weather.

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1. Ride early in the day or later in the evening. Best to ride first thing in the morning, after a long day in the office when the weather has been hot you yourself may be not be ready for a ride! 2. Think about the ground. In hot weather the ground...

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26 Jun
Horses4Homes ask… Looking for a new equine?

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How can you ensure you get the right horse for you and your circumstances? Well may be the answer is you can never be totally sure. Horses4Homes tries to ease this journey by screening all owner’s listings and asking for a warts and all...

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