19 Jun
“18 months since we adopted Pamir and we love him to bits.”

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It is 18 months since we adopted Pamir and we love him to bits. He came to us with the intention of being my first ridden horse as I was getting back into riding – however, as with all best laid plans things didn’t quite work out like that. He is now very definitely my sons horse and the bond between them is amazing, they hack around our local area together, have done beach rides together and are now making a name for themselves in the local showing circuit. He is also a great babysitter as nothing phases him and he will look after his rider no matter what their ability. He really is that dream horse and we feel so lucky to have found him. I would strongly recommend the ‘oldies’ for anyone starting out – this boy has taught us so much but still has loads to...

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05 May
Update on Delia after 18 months in her new home.

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Lovely update recently from Nicole who rehomed Delia 18 months ago. Delia was listed back in 2013 and was not the easiest of horses due to her quirky nature. Nicole applied and through the honest listing of the owner was more than aware of the...

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17 Apr
Thank you to the RS Macdonald Charitable Trust

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Horses4Homes are pleased to announce a recent grant received from the RS Macdonald Charitable Trust. This grant is specifically to support the Scottish horse community with the loaning, sharing and rehoming of their horses.  During 2014...

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30 Mar
Stay vigilant: Warning to horse owners over atypical myopathy

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Stay vigilant: Warning to horse owners over atypical myopathy National Equine Welfare Council members have joined forces to remind owners to stay vigilant against atypical myopathy this spring. With the Universite de Liege recording 97 known cases...

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13 Dec
Horses4Homes Moves to the Clare Charity Centre

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On 1st December 2014 Horses4Homes moved into its own offices at the Clare Charity Centre in Saunderton, Buckinghamshire.  For the team to work together at these offices, rather than from their respective homes, is such an important step in the...

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16 Sep
Win Tickets to Your Horse Live

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Horses4Homes have teamed up with Your Horse Live to giveaway a pair of tickets to this year’s event, held at Stoneleigh Park on November 8 and 9. Your Horse Live offers an equestrian extravaganza, of demonstrations, equine learning, shopping and...

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21 Jul
Head of Vet School, Professor Jo Price, Leads Horses4Homes as Chair of the Trustees

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Professor Jo Price, Head of Bristol University Vet School, has been elected as the new Chairperson for the horse rehoming charity, Horses4Homes. Jo, a keen horsewoman, rehomed her ex-event horse Hobo through the charity in the Spring.  The...

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26 Jun
Rehoming, overcoming the problems, Rebecca, our Rehoming Manager’s perspective

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Horses4Homes has revolutionised the rehoming of horses owned by private individuals who wish to seek out the most suitable homes for their horses and in doing so are prepared to waive any sale price for their horse.  Horses are listed accurately...

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02 Jun
An investigation into the factors influencing the rehoming of horses through an equine charity

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      The problem of unwanted horses in the UK has been increasing and has now reached a critical point, as outlined in the NEWCs report “Left on the Verge- In the Grip of a Horse Crisis in England.” Horses4Homes aims to address...

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10 Apr
Welfare Work Behind the Scenes, Horses4Homes comes to the aid of 4 Gelderlanders

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The team at Horses4Homes is small but very niche and hardworking indeed.  A great deal of work is done behind the scenes helping owners who are in urgent need of assistance.  On occasion the expertise that we can offer and solutions we facilitate...

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14 Mar
Horses4Homes Features in New ITV1 Programme, Auf Wiedersehen My Pet – Airing This Tuesday, 18th March 2pm

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Horses4Homes is to feature in the new television series Auf Wiedersehen My Pet airing this week on ITV1.  The programme is a 20 part series making its ITV1 debut on March 17 at 2pm, it will see pet owners who, for genuine personal reasons, have...

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