19 Mar
Horses4Homes Help Those Struggling to Re-home

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Jennifer Brant has been looking after rescue ponies for the past 30 years. Recently Jennifer fell upon hard times financially and her health also took a turn for the worst. Rather than continue to struggle caring for her two ponies, Wren and Rusty, Jennifer made the responsible decision to try and find a suitable home for them. She knew this would be difficult, ideally she wanted to keep them together but this was also possibly a little idealistic. Jennifer contacted many of the equine charities to see if they could help but unfortunately as the ponies were not an immediate welfare concern Jennifer was left to find a suitable home for the ponies herself or have them put to sleep. As Wren is 39 years old, when Jennifer contacted Horses4Homes I advised her that finding a new home for Wren...

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16 Mar
Horses4Homes Invite Owners to List Ex-Racehorses For Re-homing

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The responsible and safe re-homing of all horses should be encouraged but the problems which result when ex-racehorses fall into inexperienced hands can be considerable, undoing many months, sometimes years, of hard work, patience and understanding. The ex-racehorse re-homing charities do a...

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15 Mar
Eriskay’s Enjoying Their New Home in The Lakes

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Just before Christmas Horses4Homes whilst liaising with the Farming Crisis Network rescued 4 Eriskay ponies from a farmer in Northamptonshire. The Eriskay pony breed is on the critical rare breeds register, having less than 400 breeding mares in the world. These ponies have been given a home for...

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10 Mar
In Very Sad Circumstances, Light Hack in Brighton Needs a New Home

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Bella, a 22 year old Registered Connemara cross Thoroughbred has been in her current home for the past 7 years in Brighton. Her owner very recently, whilst helping Bella when she had got herself caught up in some fencing tragically died of a heart attack. He was dedicated to his horse and his wife...

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29 Feb
Help a Pony in Need of a New Home

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Rusty is a gorgeous chestnut Shetland of 15 years and is in great need of a new home as a field companion. Unfortunately his owner who has been dedicated to caring for him for the past 12 years is unable to continue to do so due to a change in her...

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22 Feb
Horses4Homes advises against advertising horses “Free to a Good Home”

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Horses4Homes has gone live this week and would like to strongly advise anyone considering to advertise their horse “free to a good home” in the UK or Republic of Ireland to think again and to use the Horses4Homes facility to help find the best suitable new carer for their horse. Horses4Homes...

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09 Feb
Horses4Homes Ready to Launch

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Horses4Homes has now completed its consultation phase and will be launching the first ever internet based equine re-homing facility imminently. The state of the art website has been many months in the making and offers new hope to thousands of low value horses, ponies and donkeys in need of new...

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28 Jan
Emergency rescue appeal for rare Eriskay Ponies

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Horses4Homes are appealing to the public for homes for 4 young, healthy Eriskay Ponies. Their current owners are being forced out of their home due to the recession and have little money to feed themselves but have not allowed their animals to...

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17 Jan
Eriskay Ponies Successfully Re-homed

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Horses4Homes would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came forward to offer new homes to the 4 Eriskay ponies rescued from Farmers, Mr and Mrs Kindell, just before Christmas. Within hours of our plea for help, we received over 25 responses...

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16 Jan
Animal Welfare Sector Support the Arrival of Horses4Homes

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John Rutter, Trustee of Mountains Animal Sanctuary welcomes the launch of Horses4Homes “Equine welfare charities, including our own, have seen increasing pressure in recent years on their capacity to help all the horses, ponies and donkeys that more owners wish to relinquish, often due to...

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14 Dec
Eriskay Pony Rescue Operation

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Horses4Homes development Manager, Rebecca Evans visited farmers, Mr. and Mrs. Kimbell and their 4 young Eriskay ponies at their home in Northamptonshire, UK yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Kimbell are having to sell their farm which they have worked for...

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