29 Jun
Top Tips – Caring for your horse in the hot weather.

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1. Ride early in the day or later in the evening. Best to ride first thing in the morning, after a long day in the office when the weather has been hot you yourself may be not be ready for a ride! 2. Think about the ground. In hot weather the ground can get hard. Look after your horse legs, carry out slower work, ride on a surface and hose legs down for a minimum of 10 minutes after riding. There are also a variety of ice boots on the market that can be used. 3. Ensure horse has plenty of fresh water. Do change this water regularly as in the field the water will become warm rapidly and the horse less likely to drink. If a horse is not drinking include salt in the feed or as a lick this should then encourage drinking. 4. Use electrolytes, these can be in the horses feed or water. If in...

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26 Jun
Horses4Homes ask… Looking for a new equine?

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How can you ensure you get the right horse for you and your circumstances? Well may be the answer is you can never be totally sure. Horses4Homes tries to ease this journey by screening all owner’s listings and asking for a warts and all...

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19 Jun
“18 months since we adopted Pamir and we love him to bits.”

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It is 18 months since we adopted Pamir and we love him to bits. He came to us with the intention of being my first ridden horse as I was getting back into riding – however, as with all best laid plans things didn’t quite work out like...

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13 May
“I think Horses4Homes is an excellent idea”

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Gromit was recently listed and rehomed through the charity. Here are some kind words from the owner. “I think Horses4homes is an excellent idea, It matches genuine horse lovers with each other, with the result being the welfare and care of the...

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07 May
“I feel so lucky to be his owner”

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Otto, has been a joy to own these past 2 years. I feel so lucky to be his owner, he is incredibly loving. His hacking issues are 99% redundant he is wonderful to hack out and is often a grandad horse for young or nervous horses. We were extremely...

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05 May
Update on Delia after 18 months in her new home.

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Lovely update recently from Nicole who rehomed Delia 18 months ago. Delia was listed back in 2013 and was not the easiest of horses due to her quirky nature. Nicole applied and through the honest listing of the owner was more than aware of the...

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17 Apr
Thank you to the RS Macdonald Charitable Trust

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Horses4Homes are pleased to announce a recent grant received from the RS Macdonald Charitable Trust. This grant is specifically to support the Scottish horse community with the loaning, sharing and rehoming of their horses.  During 2014...

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15 Apr
Ace – Ex-racehorse enjoying success in his new home.

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Lovely update from Molly who rehomed Ace, an ex-racehorse back in April of last year. It has not been plain sailing but things are coming together and Molly and Ace have enjoyed recent success in dressage. “Since I re homed Ace last year we...

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26 Mar
“I found a lovely pony”

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Joshua has settled well into his new home. He has been with his loanee now 6 months and it sounds as if things are going great, “The whole process was quick and easy I found a lovely pony which has fitted in with our home life extremely...

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19 Mar
Ali – Success in Dressage.

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Ali has only been with his loanee a short time and he is becoming a bit of a star and  has his own Facebook page (Ali’s Adventures) Here is a recent update. “Over the moon with Ali today!! We did our first competition together and came...

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09 Feb
“The process was easier as we knew you were overseeing it.”

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The lovely Alfie, a 4 year old part breed has now gone off to his new, loving home. At 4 years old he has already been out hacking with his new mum and photos have been exchanged. He was a popular boy who had 1855 views on his profile page. Here is...

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