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  • Polly


    Exceptionaly gentle and kind natured not at all marish, loves her bum,belly,udders scratching. Very eager to please, very sensible to…

    Devon, England

    Breed: Irish Cob
    Sex: mare
    Age: 12
    Height: 15.0 hands
    Donation Type: Loan
  • Lewis


    Lewis is a project horse - a real blank canvass looking for a special person wanting to take him on…

    Cumbria, England

    Breed: Thoroughbred
    Sex: gelding
    Age: 6
    Height: 16.3 hands
    Donation Type: Loan
  • Nansi


    She is a very true and honest little pony who will give you all when you want. Nansi is a…

    South Yorkshire, England

    Breed: Welsh Section C
    Sex: mare
    Age: 13
    Height: 13.2 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Missy


    Missy has always been a very popular pony with children for walking and trotting, she adores to be groomed and…

    Sussex, England

    Breed: Shetland
    Sex: mare
    Age: 14
    Height: 10.0 hands
    Donation Type: Loan


    Bertie is very forward going and loves jumping! I haven't been able to do much with him so is green…

    East Riding of Yorkshire, England

    Breed: Part Breed
    Sex: gelding
    Age: 11
    Height: 15.2 hands
    Donation Type: Loan
  • Matty


    Matty was originally a rescue. She has blossomed with lots of turnout, rehab. work, and lots of hacking. She is…

    North Yorkshire, England

    Breed: Cob X
    Sex: mare
    Age: 15
    Height: 13.3 hands
    Donation Type: Loan
  • Franky


    Franky boy or Abergavenny hercorose is a handsome boy full of character He’s a special horse owned since 3 yrold…

    Surrey, England

    Breed: Warmblood
    Sex: gelding
    Age: 7
    Height: 14.2 hands
    Donation Type: Loan
  • Tommy


    Tommy is a cheeky cob, Who is looking for an experienced home and rider. I have owned him since he…

    Dorset, England

    Breed: Cob
    Sex: gelding
    Age: 15
    Height: 14.1 hands
    Donation Type: Loan
  • Billy


    Due to his past Billy needs to trust you, he may put his barrier up at first but is very…

    Hampshire, England

    Breed: Irish Sport Horse
    Sex: gelding
    Age: 15
    Height: 15.0 hands
    Donation Type: Loan
  • Milly


    Milly is the most intelegent and beautiful horse I have had the pleasure of owning. We have challenged each other…

    Carmarthenshire, Wales

    Breed: Part Breed
    Sex: mare
    Age: 9
    Height: 16.0 hands
    Donation Type: Loan
If responsible, loving homes cannot be found sometimes it is necessary to make the difficult but necessary decision to have animals put to sleep rather than take an unreasonable risk with a home which is not assured
64 entries | Page 2 out of 7