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  • Rubio


    Rubio is a friendly, cuddly horse who will always try to please. He will usually come to you when you…

    Northamptonshire, England

    Breed: Arab X
    Sex: gelding
    Age: 22
    Height: 16.2 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Mr pink

    Mr pink

    He’s a beautiful boy but sadly due to work commitments I’m unable to spend the time he needs with him

    Wiltshire, England

    Breed: Welsh Section D...
    Sex: gelding
    Age: 20
    Height: 14.1 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Blue


    Intelligent lively horse that needs to be backed and used to show his full potential

    Cumbria, England

    Breed: Thoroughbred x
    Sex: gelding
    Age: 13
    Height: 17.0 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Shi


    Good natured, clever, some times devious horse. Unusual breed but always an enjoyable ride.

    Cumbria, England

    Breed: Tennessee Walki...
    Sex: mare
    Age: 21
    Height: 16.3 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Tawny


    I have had tawny since the day she was born as she was born from my mare, tawny has a…

    Surrey, England

    Breed: ? x tb
    Sex: mare
    Age: 16
    Height: 14.3 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Vanna [Jackpots Havanna]

    Vanna [Jackpots Havanna]

    Vanna is a beautiful, attention seeking horse. She has a very big character and likes to think that she is…

    Suffolk, England

    Breed: Knabstrupper Ho...
    Sex: mare
    Age: 9
    Height: 16.0 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Mia May

    Mia May

    Mia is a super sweet little character with a big personality. She is clever and affectionate ,.she has no vices…

    Norfolk, England

    Breed: Welsh Mountain ...
    Sex: mare
    Age: 10
    Height: 11.3 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Shadow Lord (known as Pony)

    Shadow Lord (known as Pony)

    Our lovely boy has manners to die for. He’s very friendly, loves people and other 4 legged friends. Until he…

    Monmouthshire, Wales

    Breed: Thoroughbred
    Sex: gelding
    Age: 17
    Height: 15.2 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Pluto


    He is easy to do in all ways. He needs very little to eat. Good manners have always been expected…

    Kent, England

    Breed: CONNEMARA X
    Sex: gelding
    Age: 14
    Height: 13.3 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Blake


    He is a great companion pony, very sweet boy and great for cuddles and fuss, never needed a vet in…

    Hertfordshire, England

    Breed: Welsh Section C
    Sex: gelding
    Age: 18
    Height: 13.2 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
If responsible, loving homes cannot be found sometimes it is necessary to make the difficult but necessary decision to have animals put to sleep rather than take an unreasonable risk with a home which is not assured
29 entries | Page 1 out of 3
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