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  • Fudge


    Fudge has been my best friend for several years and has given me so much over the entire duration. Although…

    Cumbria, England

    Breed: Thoroughbred
    Sex: mare
    Age: 16
    Height: 15.3 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Daisy


    Daisy is a truly lovely pony. She has only known the best in care, love and attention. She positively seeks…

    Cheshire, England

    Breed: Cob
    Sex: mare
    Age: 5
    Height: 13.0 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Grey Andy (Casper)

    Grey Andy (Casper)

    Casper has a heart of gold, he loves attention and is a very sweet and easy horse to handle. He…

    Nottinghamshire, England

    Breed: Irish Sport Horse
    Sex: gelding
    Age: 8
    Height: 15.3 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Nina


    Very loving mare, easy to keep. comes to call. Loads and travels well. Forward but sensible ride ( but has…

    Devon, England

    Sex: mare
    Age: 10
    Height: 15.0 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Bob


    Bob is a great horse with high paces and even though he is 20 you wouldn't know it to ride…

    Avon, England

    Breed: Part Breed
    Sex: gelding
    Age: 20
    Height: 16.0 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Bonnie


    Great mare lookin for a new home to be a companion

    Worcestershire, England

    Breed: Warmblood
    Sex: mare
    Age: 7
    Height: 17.1 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Harriett


    She's a wonderful little pony with a lot of spirit. She is great for the farrier and vet. She is…

    Lancashire, England

    Breed: Welsh Cross
    Sex: mare
    Age: 20
    Height: 12.2 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Rowan


    Beautiful, friendly boy who needs anew home through no fault of his own.He hadn't had much done with him before…

    South Yorkshire, England

    Breed: Dartmoor X Morg...
    Sex: gelding
    Age: 6
    Height: 14.3 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Penny


    She has such a sweet nature, loves people and adores cuddles. Brilliant in all ways to handle by adults and…

    East Sussex, England

    Breed: Thoroughbred x
    Sex: mare
    Age: 12
    Height: 13.3 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Red


    Red is a loving character who deserves more attention than I can give. He has done horse agility before and…

    Nottinghamshire, England

    Breed: British Warmblood
    Sex: gelding
    Age: 14
    Height: 16.1 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
If responsible, loving homes cannot be found sometimes it is necessary to make the difficult but necessary decision to have animals put to sleep rather than take an unreasonable risk with a home which is not assured
73 entries | Page 4 out of 8