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  • Skylark


    She came to me as a rescue with a traumatic past, 8 years ago. I took her on as a…

    Surrey, United Kingdom

    Breed: New Forest
    Sex: mare
    Age: 15
    Height: 13.1 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
  • Legacy


    Fantastic little guy, very sweet and affectionate and even more beautiful. Have recently found out after many failed attempts at…

    Highland, United Kingdom

    Breed: Part Bred Arab
    Sex: gelding
    Age: 7
    Height: 14.2 hands
    Donation Type: Rehome
If responsible, loving homes cannot be found sometimes it is necessary to make the difficult but necessary decision to have animals put to sleep rather than take an unreasonable risk with a home which is not assured
72 entries | Page 8 out of 8
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