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Duke - Skewbald

If you choose to apply for this horse and are selected as the most suitable applicant you will be required to pay the standard donation of £50 which includes the cost of a rehome, loan or share agreement, and the work undertaken by the charity. The following additional donation and commitment has been requested by the owner to be paid to the charity by the successful applicant in respect of their horse:

  • make a donation of £150 to Horses4Homes Foundation

Please take note:

  • All horses must first be applied for before any visits are arranged
  • It is possible to ask owners questions via the messaging system prior to submitting an application
  • All applicants are encouraged to have the horse examined by a vet prior to rehoming, loaning or sharing
  • New home to be inspected by welfare representative
Hi I'm Duke Mum says I am handsome, genuine, gentle, friendly ,undemanding &special only reluctantly rehoming me due to terminal illness.I've worked hard most of my life pulling a 1ton cart.I'm easy to care for. All I need is grass/hay & a horse friend.I am well behaved for the farrier & even tolerate the vet to say nothing of my friend Evo as we charge around in play. I don't need one of those coats I've seen as I grow a really thick one of my own and am happy with just an open shelter if really windy &wet

Owned since
May 2011
15.0 hands
- (Part Breed)
18 years
Passport number
Passport Registration Agency
Horse Passport Agency Ltd
Available for rehoming with tack and rugs
Level of rider
Reason for re-home/share
Personal health problems
Horse is involved in the following activities
Companion only, not ridden
Need to be stabled at night?
No he can live out all year round
Need to be put on restricted grazing to limit weight gain?
Horse vaccinated annually for flu and tetanus
Maximum weight this horse can carry
- kg

  • Most suitable home and loanee/owner/sharer

    A home where he is well looked after with a horse/pony friend kept outside with open access to a shelter when weather extremely hot or cold, wet & windy.

  • Horse is involved in the following activities

    Companion only, not ridden

152 centimeters
60 inches


  • This horse is being advertised as a "companion only" and cannot be ridden under any circumstances

Relevant health or lameness issues

Lame in off fore.No work unless prepared to do further investigations (scans) and treatment if possible.(see below) Other than that Duke has always been perfectly healthy.

Veterinary examinations or treatment given in the past 12 months

He received a full check up and sheath cleaning when we had the vet to investigate his lameness last year. He trotted up sound when ridden with a nerve block in his off fore foot. X rays revealed only little bit of arthritis, not enough to cause symptoms. Arthritis medication was not effective. There were no problems with anything else except although his teeth were Ok it might be best to have another check up after 6 months. We have no written report but we would be happy for you to contact vet any time.

Details of the veterinary practice this horse is registered with

chris green | 01142645454 | lightwood barn,lightwood lane,sheffield s88bg | |

Details of any individual behavioural traits which may influence the type of person best suited to take on the horse

Duke was pushy when I bought him but a dually halter cured that in 20mins. He responds to clear firm instructions, soon learning verbal commands due to his driving background but will not be bullied. He is bomb proof with anything he's used to - town & rural traffic, all farm animals ,plastic bag,etcs but nervous(bit of a wuss) about anything new. Needs patience and time. More introvert than extravert. No vices except overeating! Male or female owner would be suitable, calm& kind but firm.

Details of the activities that the horse must not participate in due to previous injury

No work

Explanation whether this horse is simply a good doer or whether he is prone to laminitis

good doer never had any laminitis issues

Horse vaccinated annually for flu and tetanus


Need to be stabled at night?

No he can live out all year round

Need to be put on restricted grazing to limit weight gain?