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Franky - Warmblood  - Skewbald
Franky - Warmblood  - Skewbald

If you choose to apply for this horse and are selected as the most suitable applicant you will be required to pay the standard donation of £50 which includes the cost of a rehome, loan or share agreement, and the work undertaken by the charity. The following additional donation and commitment has been requested by the owner to be paid to the charity by the successful applicant in respect of their horse:

  • make a one-off donation of £100 to Horses4Homes Foundation

Please take note:

  • All horses must first be applied for before any visits are arranged
  • It is possible to ask owners questions via the messaging system prior to submitting an application
  • All applicants are encouraged to have the horse examined by a vet prior to rehoming, loaning or sharing
  • New home to be inspected by welfare representative
Franky boy or Abergavenny hercorose is a handsome boy full of character
He’s a special horse owned since 3 yrold
He’s looking for a special home as light hacking where he can enjoy the easy life
He’s part bred welsh c x warmblood & sometimes can be bit welshie on the ground to handle
He’s still only 7 & been around the dressage & showing seen but no longer able to be a competition pony
Looking for special home for much loved pony

Owned since
August 2014
14.2 hands
Warmblood (Part Breed)
7 years
Passport number
Passport Registration Agency
Welsh Pony & Cob Society
Available for rehoming with tack and rugs
Level of rider
Reason for re-home/share
Franky is only for hacking
Horse is involved in the following activities
Light hacking
Need to be stabled at night?
No he can live out all year round
Need to be put on restricted grazing to limit weight gain?
Horse vaccinated annually for flu and tetanus
Maximum weight this horse can carry
11 stones
Is the horse in work?
Yes light work

  • Most suitable home and loanee/owner/sharer

    Looking for light hacking home for Franky He would also be happy as companion as lives out all year Due to his age & welshie needs to be for competent teenager or adult Laid back to ride but would take advantage of novice rider

  • Details of the tack used to ride the horse

    Snaffke bridle Leather show saddle

  • Horse is involved in the following activities

    Light hacking

147 centimeters
58 inches

Relevant health or lameness issues

Unfortunately Franky diagnosis’s this year with arthritis in both hocks & mild kissing spine . Full information available in detail to loaner

Veterinary examinations or treatment given in the past 12 months

Had bone scan this year to find out problems he was having with dressage work Arthritis found & he Had injections into joints Now just needs to live out much as possible & enjoy light hacking

Details of the veterinary practice this horse is registered with

Shotter & byers | 01306 627706 | Furzen Lane Surrey rh5 5qe | shotter & Byers | Shotter & byers

Please describe your horses behaviour in traffic

Not been in heavy traffic

Please describe your horses behaviour when hacking out alone and in company

In company likes to follow On his own can be slightly nappy

Details of any individual behavioural traits which may influence the type of person best suited to take on the horse

On the ground needs firm handle as likes to boss people little Loves his food so would not like to share hard feed in field

Details of the activities that the horse must not participate in due to previous injury

No schooling Jumping Heavy long distance hacking

Explanation whether this horse is simply a good doer or whether he is prone to laminitis

Good doer

Details of any problems when being ridden

Can be slightly nappy when leaving yard

Horse vaccinated annually for flu and tetanus


Need to be stabled at night?

No he can live out all year round

Need to be put on restricted grazing to limit weight gain?