Logan is a very handsome lad. He gets on well with other horses in the field. Hacks out alone or in company. He is fit and well and lives out. Good to handle on the ground, box, farrier etc. He has fabulous feet and goes barefoot.
Logan - TB x Welsh Sec D - Bay

All horses must be applied for before visits are arranged. Users who do not comply with this policy may be blocked from further use of the system. Applications are for the benefit of both horse and applicant and enable owners to more accurately assess suitability. For further details about the rehoming procedures of the charity please click here.

This donation has ended.
Posted on
Mar 27, 2013 at 12:25
Donation number
Horse location
West Midlands, United Kingdom
Donation type:
Permanent Rehome (ownership signed over)

If you choose to apply for this horse and are selected as the most suitable applicant you will be required to pay the standard rehoming donation of £50 which includes the cost of a rehome agreement. The following additional commitment from the successful applicant has been requested by the owner:

  • make a donation of £125 to Horses4Homes Foundation

Horse Owner:

It is possible to message this owner to find out specific answers to questions about the horse before applying. Users must apply before visits occur to comply with the procedures of the charity.

Owned since
May 2009
15.3 hands
TB x Welsh Sec D (Part Breed)
12 years
Passport number
Passport Registration Agency
Horse Passport Agency Ltd
Available for rehoming with tack and rugs
Reason for re-home/share
Cannot manage horse's behaviour
Horse is involved in the following activities
Daily hacking, Schooling, Unaffiliated Competitions
Need to be stabled at night?
No he can live out all year round
Need to be put on restricted grazing to limit weight gain?
Horse vaccinated annually for flu and tetanus
Maximum weight this horse can carry
95 kg
160 centimeters
63 inches

Also you should know:

  • If you want to apply for this horse you should be within 100 miles radius from the current horse location
  • Veterinary examination available on request
  • At a later stage in the re-homing process, you can discuss with the vet any relevant health issues relating to your horse
  • Prospective new carers invited to trial/visit horse
  • New home to be inspected by welfare representative
  • Last dental examination by vet or equine dental technician in 2012
  • This horse IS NOT an ex-racehorse and IS NOT eligible for Retraining of Racehorses (ROR) classes

Most suitable home and loanee/owner/sharer

I originally bought him as a project to rehabilitate as I think had a bad start in life. Consequently he is very un-trusting until he gets to know you and can be quite scared of new things. If you are a confident knowledgeable rider you will be able to realise his true potential. I have had him nearly four years and have spent that time giving him a loving home. He is fully fit for riding but would equally do well as a companion. He lives out all year round but is equally at home in the stable which he re

Relevant health or lameness issues

He has previously sprained his nearside hock after slipping on ice a year or two back although he is fully sound on it now. Only a slight puffiness remains.

Veterinary examinations or treatment given in the past 12 months

he is fully up to date with his booster jabs and annual check ups. Although I bought him as an eight year old (that's what his passport says) the vet said at the time he was not older than six - so in fact he could be only ten years old......

Details of the veterinary practice this horse is registered with

St Georges Vets, Wolverhampton

Details of any individual behavioural traits which may influence the type of person best suited to take on the horse

I think he had a bad start in life and is a worrier. I am told he came off a jumping yard where he was not treated very well. Hence I have spent the last few years giving him a loving caring home. He really needs a confident knowledgeable person who is not phased by his sharpness. On the ground he is very loving and always calls to me, loves the attention of grooming, bathing, sheath washing etc. He would definitely suit a person who knows natural horsemanship which I have used to help build his trust ove

Details of the activities that the horse must not participate in due to previous injury

He has no fitness/soundness issues but does have an aversion to poles/showjumps hence he is not suitable for showjumping activity. He is very scared of them.

Details of any problems when being ridden

He can easily spook and needs a confident rider. He hacks out on his own or in company. When out hacking he can be quite unpredictable and back up if he is unsure of something (those 'horse eating' grit boxes for example). He is fairly OK in traffic and has safely encountered tractors/implements/motorbikes. For some unknown reason he finds parked vehicles deserve a swerve and a good inspection. In the school he works very nicely doing flatwork and lunging. He has never reared or bucked but did bolt onc

Details of the tack used to ride the horse

He rides with a snaffle and is a responsive ride. I use a GP saddle. Brakes are never a problem


  • The horse WILL NOT be released for slaughter.

About this breed

TB x Welsh Sec D