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Zanna - KWPN - Bay
Zanna - KWPN - Bay
Zanna - KWPN - Bay
Zanna - KWPN - Bay
Zanna - KWPN - Bay

If you choose to apply for this horse and are selected as the most suitable applicant you will be required to pay the standard donation of £50 which includes the cost of a rehome, loan or share agreement, and the work undertaken by the charity. The following additional donation and commitment has been requested by the owner to be paid to the charity by the successful applicant in respect of their horse:

  • make a donation of £300 to Horses4Homes Foundation

Please take note:

  • All horses must first be applied for before any visits are arranged
  • It is possible to ask owners questions via the messaging system prior to submitting an application
  • All applicants are encouraged to have the horse examined by a vet prior to rehoming, loaning or sharing
Zanna is a beautiful bay mare with such a willing and eager to please nature. She can be a bit mare-ish when dealing with her on the floor but that adds to her character. Despite her sometimes cranky ways, to ride she is dream.
I have owned Zanna from 3 yrs old. She has thought me so much. She has always looked after me and tries hard at everything that’s asked of her. I am so sad that I now need to look to re-home Zanna and will only do so to someone as special as she is. A truly amazing horse.

Owned since
February 2007
16.0 hands
KWPN (Pure Breed)
15 years
Passport number
Passport Registration Agency
Available for rehoming with tack and rugs
Level of rider
Reason for re-home/share
Change in family circumstances, divorce/separation, birth of new child, family bereavement
Horse is involved in the following activities
Light hacking, Daily hacking, Schooling, Dressage
Need to be stabled at night?
Yes, but only in winter
Need to be put on restricted grazing to limit weight gain?
Horse vaccinated annually for flu and tetanus
Maximum weight this horse can carry
12 stones
Is the horse in work?
Yes light work

  • Most suitable home and loanee/owner/sharer

    Zanna would benefit from someone competent who will not be fazed by her sometimes mare-ish behaviour. Zanna is excelled in the school and rarly puts a foot wrong. She would benefit from someone who could work on her going correctly. Despite her loving jumping, her jumping days are sadly over. She loves hacking. She does hack alone but it’s more enjoyable in company. Zanna gets on with any horse she comes across so would fit in to any yard. Zanna is not a novice ride but in the right hands she is very safe.

  • Details of the tack used to ride the horse

    Snaffle bridle with Martingale but she doesn’t really need the Martingale. GP saddle and boots all round

  • Horse is involved in the following activities

    Light hacking, Daily hacking, Schooling, Dressage

162 centimeters
64 inches

Relevant health or lameness issues

Zanna does unfortunately have some lameness issues. She has arthritis in one of her coffin joints which she has been medicated for in the past. She is now on one bute a day which means she is totally sound. She is best off doing light work to prevent unnecessary strain on the joint. She wears wedge heartbars Shoes and must have shoes on all year round as she gets footsore very easily. She is no longer insured for lameness on her left fore.

Veterinary examinations or treatment given in the past 12 months

Zanna had some unexplained nosebleeds at the start of the year. She was scoped and nothing sinister was found. Zanna has not had any further nosebleeds since.

Details of the veterinary practice this horse is registered with

Clarendon equine | | | |

Please describe your horses behaviour in traffic

Zanna is excellent in traffic, she has only been hacked on quite roads generally but has never been bothered by tractors, lorry’s, buses or motorbikes.

Please describe your horses behaviour when hacking out alone and in company

Zanna is excellent to hack in company. She can on the very odd occasion choose not to go past something but will follow another horse and with a confident rider she will go forward. Zanna will hack alone and 9 times out of 10 will be an angel. She can however sometimes be spooky and spin if she takes a disliking to something however again with a confident rider she will go past.

Details of any individual behavioural traits which may influence the type of person best suited to take on the horse

Zanna likes to be in charge when it comes to people. She needs her owner to be firm, confident but kind. If Zanna thinks she can get away with something she will try to. She has a lovely quirky nature which makes her an amazing horse. Zanna can sometimes nip but it’s not nasty. Once on board Zanna is willing to please, gentle and lovely to ride. My three year old rides her and she has never puts a foot wrong.

Details of the activities that the horse must not participate in due to previous injury

Zanna loves to jump but due to her arthritis her new owner should avoid it.

Details of any problems when being ridden


Horse vaccinated annually for flu and tetanus


Need to be stabled at night?

Yes, but only in winter

Need to be put on restricted grazing to limit weight gain?