Jul 19
“It was very reassuring to find a website such as Horses4Homes. My horse Indie had previously been advertised on other websites and although there were several enquiries from these, some of which were from what sounded like really genuine caring people, those who had been serious would have been prepared to apply for Indie via the Horses4Homes screening system.
As a result of the detailed process, I feel that the home we have now sourced for Indie has been fully vetted and the fact that Rhiannon was happy to go through this process shows she is serious and committed to taking on the responsibility of a horse long term. One enquiry I had received from another website had been from a lady who, it later became apparent, was looking to take my horse on free and then sell him on to an unsuspecting buyer who would not know the full extent of his problems. This could have only resulted in disaster for the horse and one very unhappy buyer.
The advice offered by Rebecca was invaluable and she was able to look at prospective applicants from an impartial position and would point out important factors which I may not have considered.
I have loaned Indie long-term however he will remain my horse for the time being so that I can ensure his long-term future is secure. Should the loan not prove successful, which I sincerely hope it will, then I know he will come home. There are too many instances where horses are loaned out without agreements and they then disappear only to be found in dreadful circumstances.
Keep up the good work Horses4Homes!”

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