2013 Christmas Raffle Winners

2013 Christmas Raffle Winners

carl's YardIn November we launched our first ever Christmas Raffle to raise much needed funds for the charity. ¬†Over 300 tickets sold, not as a big a number as we were hoping for but you have to be “in it to win it” as they say. Listed below are the lucky winners and we would like to congratulate them all on their prizes.
Our Winner of the first prize, 2 tickets to a VIP Demonstration with our Patron Carl Hester MBE at his yard in Gloucestershire, went to winning ticket holder Helen Greenwood who was thrilled when we called her on Monday. ¬†She had this to say when she told her daughter that she would be the lucky person to accompany her on that day “I just told my daughter about the raffle win – she’s at fever pitch! We went to the Olympic dressage (and para dressage – cried buckets at Sophie Christansen). Thank you!!”
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the generous companies and fellow equine charities who kindly donated this year’s prizes for our raffle. We intend to run the Raffle again next year but will need prizes donated again so if you would like your company to feature in our promotions and would like to support us in this fund raising event please get in touch with [email protected]¬†who will be co-ordinating next year’s raffle.

Helen Greenwood Yard demo with Carl Hester
Glen Goodenough Amate ring by Nanna Salmi
Hilary Kristensen Amate ring by Nanna Salmi
Ella Goelitz Olympia Horse Show tickets
Sue Bezani Horse & Hound subscription
Sheila Vaughan Barnsby grip pad Courtesy of ROR
Claire Walker BHS gold memebership
Lisa Gane Canvass Print
Alison Yorke Newbury Racecource Tickets
Laura Colman HKM black cooler
Amy Whidburn Your Horse subscription
Tracey Henry Manor House Wildlife Park tickets
Laura Thomas Shelley Perham Sidesaddle lesson
Alex Clifford ROR sweatshirt
Jane Skeats Chiltern & Thames Rider vouchers

Our Runner Up Prize winners who will receive a pack of Christmas Cards and a Pack of Notelets are as follows;

Janet Evans
Suzanne Hall
Lyndsey Hampson
Laura Thomas
Andrew Taylor
Stacey Ferguson
Sarah Norris
Berith Eriksson
Polly Wells
Susan Williams
Jan Langford
Hilary Kristensen
Kylie Toms
Janey Sargent
Alayne Wells
Linda Barker
Penelope Donnelly
Susanne Vowles
Harriet Huband
Alison Taylor

Prizes will be mailed out in the next couple of weeks.  Winners first need to register with the Charity if they have not already done so.