Jul 29

MAISYJust a little update on Maisie who I rehomed in May. She’s settled in well – especially considering she’d never left her mum or lived anywhere other than the field she was born in!
We’ve had to wait a while for a saddle due to Maisies *ahem* unique shape which has been a challenge for our saddle fitter but we’ve been doing lots of groundwork and she’s proving to be a very affectionate, brave and clever little horse. Her owner and I are in touch through Facebook and texts so she can keep up to date with her adventures. I feel so lucky to have been chosen to look after Maisie. I know she was really popular when she was listed on the site and I am really grateful for all the safeguards put in place for owners and loaners that made the process simple and easy but thorough and safe.

Gemma & Maisie

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