Looking after the older horse

Domesticated horses enjoy longer lives than ever before, but this happy fact brings its own issues for owners. Obvious signs of aging include deepening fossa (hollows) above the eyes, greying around the muzzle and eyes, and often a loss of weight, muscle tone and top-line. Other, more serious issues may also develop as the horse […]

Learn about horses with like-minded people

The British Equestrian Federation and British Horse Society have set-up the Participation Project with the aim of creating an informal community through livery yards and riding centres. The project provides current or potential horse owners with access to a network of advice, knowledge and education, enabling individuals to gain confidence in riding and horse care.  […]

Taking the stress out of moving

Many well-socialised horses take so readily to new places and situations that it can be easy to forget that, as a species, horses are neophobes – in simple terms, they are frightened of new things and new situations. This trait stood their wild ancestors in good stead as prey animals: being suspicious of rustles in […]

Care to Share

Horses4Homes has partnered up with the British Equestrian Federation, to  run the Care to Share project.  Care to Share aims to link up horse owners and  potential sharers online and help them start a share agreement.  So if you are a  horse owner looking for a share or a keen horseperson who would like to […]

Winter has come!

Successfully overwintering your horse out 24/7 Although as humans we may prefer our central heating and heavyweight duvets, the vast majority of horses are able to winter out, given the right conditions, and many are happier doing so. For horses with arthritis, those who tend to get filled legs when standing in or the chubby […]

Users Guide – Fees and Donations

Back to User Guide Supporting Horses4Homes Work and Your Horses Future Horses4Homes is a welfare charity and relies on the fees paid and donations given by those who use its services and support its work. This enables the charity to continue to prevent unnecessary suffering of horses and alleviate the worry for owners caused by […]