Bonnie has been getting out and about with her new owner.

Bonnie has been getting out and about with her new owner.

BonnieOver the past 12 months we have done lots of hacking, Bonnie is really forward going,  fantastic to hack out and we have now developed our trust in each other which has helped give her confidence….she is really brave and brilliant in the heaviest of traffic!
We have been to a couple of fun farm rides and popped some of the very small jumps, we have also done a sponsored ride in aid of cancer research despite it raining all of the 5 hours we were out!
I have taken her to a couple of dressage clinics and we have done 3 intro dressage tests so far….we won our first rosette together by coming  3rd at one of them with just over 65%!

I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have found such a gentle, sweet, affectionate, beautiful horse and I absolutely love her to bits. Our plans for this year are to do some more schooling and hopefully go to our first show and do ridden hunter and/or ridden coloured, some more dressage and farm rides.
I am still in contact with her owner Anna and give her updates on what we are up to, she is also coming to visit her again soon, she came over to watch one of our dressage competitions…..unfortunately Bonnie was in season that day and her concentration was not on dressage! It was still great to see Anna and have a trip out with Bonnie.
I could have gone up and down the country looking at horses for sale and ended up making a mistake or being sold something that wasn’t what is was supposed to be – a frightening thought!  Your rehoming process gives both parties the opportunity to be honest and make sure everything is ‘right’ before making a decision, as taking on a horse for life is such a huge commitment.  I know I made the ‘right’ decision and couldn’t be happier….Bonnie is absolutely amazing!
Keep up the brilliant work!

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