Can You Give a Horse a Home?

Can You Give a Horse a Home?

Horses4Homes have some super horses and ponies requiring new homes, some in a loan capacity and others where ownership can be transferred – please take a look, liaise with the owners and apply if you would like to meet any of them. All of our horses and ponies have a story to tell. Their owners would ideally prefer to keep them but due to circumstances beyond their control they are unable to do so. We have owners who are struggling financially and go without themselves to ensure their horse does not suffer in any way and other owners who somehow manage to plod on despite their own debilitating health. None of the owners of the horses listed with us receive any financial reward whatsoever for rehoming their ponies through us, they simply use our rehoming facility to help them find that “perfect” home.
The sanctuaries and rehoming centres around the country are full to the rafters with rescue horses with the winter months likely to result in further demand on limited resources. Horses4Homes, by helping owners find the most suitable new homes for their horses is making a real impact on preventing further welfare problems as a result of horses being with the wrong people, however well intentioned, in unsuitable homes.
If you can give a horse a home please consider a H4H horse as they are in great need as are their loving owners. The time taken by our owners to describe the horse, its temperament, behaviour and health status has been considerable providing potential applicants with a great deal of information, our internal messaging system also enables you to obtain further information, all of which is recorded. It costs just £10 to apply for any horse with us and a further donation of £50 is payable by the successful applicant which includes the cost of a tailor-made rehome/loan agreement. In some cases the owner of the horse may have requested an additional donation to Horses4Homes, this is shown in each individual listing.
Since our launch in March we have helped to find some wonderful homes for some very special horses. If you can offer a horse a super home we would really like to hear from you. To read some of our success stories please see our Blog.
Here is a selection of some of the horses currently available, there are children’s ponies, ex racehorses, thoroughbred project horses and “happy hackers” for adults, to see our full list of horses click here
We also have a growing number of companion horses that are in need of new homes, for various reasons they are not rideable but can provide companionship for horses and people. Those of you who perhaps have your own land and could offer a companion horse a home would be doing a very kind deed. For many of these horses it is their owner’s last resort.


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