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Rupert Finds a Super Home

Rupert was in urgent need of a new home as his owner could no longer care for him due to a terminal brain tumour.  Horses4Homes worked hard immediately after being contacted by Rupert’s owner appealing to the public for assistance. Within a week a super home has been found with a lady who used to […]

Urgent Cases of Horses Needing New Homes

Horses4Homes receives dozens of calls and emails everyday from people struggling to care for their horses.  On occasion however the calls I receive are more urgent than others.  Only this morning I received a call from a lady with an inoperable brain tumour.  Janet underwent a 17 hour operation last year on her tumour, which […]


Covert cameras placed by Hillside Animal Sanctuary at the Cheshire based horse Abattoir reveal numerous breaches in the slaughterhouse regulations. These breaches are horrific and Horses4Homes condemns the wholly inhumane treatment of the horses shown in this video clip. Regulations in place to protect the welfare of our horses have been blatantly ignored and suffering […]