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Horses4Homes Joins The National Equine Welfare Council

Horses4Homes has become an Associate Member of the National Equine Welfare Council. The National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC), of which the Development Manager of Horses4Homes, Rebecca Evans, is Vice Chair, is a membership organisation focused on improving the welfare of horses and Ponies in the UK. The equivalent organisation in America is the Unwanted Horse […]

Horses4Homes Invite Owners to List Ex-Racehorses For Re-homing

The responsible and safe re-homing of all horses should be encouraged but the problems which result when ex-racehorses fall into inexperienced hands can be considerable, undoing many months, sometimes years, of hard work, patience and understanding. The ex-racehorse re-homing charities do a fantastic job rehabilitating and re-homing ex-racehorses but there are still many more in […]