Companion horse Keane finds super new home in Norfolk

Companion horse Keane finds super new home in Norfolk

After just 2 weeks on the site Keane finds a new home with GP & Practice Manager Sue Marsh from Norfolk.  She needed a companion horse for her mare and has offered Keane a home for life.  World Horse Welfare kindly carried out the initial home check after we had Sue’s application form and it passed with flying colours.  Fiona, Keane’s owner, is thrilled with the home found and had this to say when she got home after her long journey to drop him off from Somerset.
Whew 12 hours travelling…but I am so pleased with the home you put me in touch with. It seems absolutely perfect and Sue was ab fab. I left Keane eating in the field with his ‘New Best Friend’ Bounty, Sue’s six year old horse.  I know he will be well looked after there. Lovely people, lovely yard and lovely stables. Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong.  Thanks so much for your help. Fiona”


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