Delia is a lovely genuine horse

Delia is a lovely genuine horse

Just wanted to email to say thank you for helping me to rehome Delia and to see past my noviceness.Delia
Delia has been with me now nearly a week, when she came Friday afternoon I let her settle in, in a paddock next to her new field mates.  Saturday morning, I began to get her used to my routine.  (That being bring her in, tie her up, groom, check her all over, put her back into the field)  Well that didn’t go quite to plan, took me half an hour to catch her whilst she was cantering around the paddock kicking about like a loon, and then when I got her to tie her up she yanked her head away three times to undo the knot.
I have attached a photo of her today.  I no longer have to leave a headcollar on her to catch her, she just comes trotting up.  She stands so well now, she was stood perfectly still for 20 minutes this morning while me and one of my minded children (with a hat on!) groomed her all over, checked her feet, checked her eyes, ran my fingers under her lips without so much as a movement or showing signs of being anxious.
I can see so much improvement in her, she is such a lovely genuine horse.  I have been lunging her every morning for 20 minutes too since Monday, which I think has helped dramatically.  We had a few tantrums from her when I first started this week, and when I lunged her this morning her transitions were lovely. 🙂
I am so head over heels for her and want to thank you so much for helping me rehome her, I have raved about this site to everyone I know looking for a horse!



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