Does sharing a horse really Work ? Read Kym and Justine's story from Scotland

Does sharing a horse really Work ? Read Kym and Justine's story from Scotland

kym roho & me“I advertised my horse Roho with Horses4Homes after finding out that he would not be suitable for eventing. He¬†was bored of standing watching me work the other horses in the yard so I was delighted when Kym applied and asked to meet him. Roho is a large and athletic Oldenberg and not an easy ride and had been off work for a year when Kym visited. I was aware that Kym had never owned a horse of her own before but when I asked her to tack up my competition¬†mare she did it with confidence. I let her ride¬†my mare in the school¬†who is forward but safe and was pleased to see that she had a great way of riding and nice feel.
We took some time introducing her to Roho and teaching her to lunge and work with him on the ground before starting ridden work, she was always willing to learn. After a few weeks we had her riding him confidently in the school with company. Kym was happy to help with mucking out and grooming all the horses on her days off too, which was a great help. Initially I was keen to have Roho go to a new home as I was not sure how it would work having someone share him but after a few months sharing we both agreed we wanted to keep the arrangement long-term.
We have learnt to keep¬†our expectations and limits clear and to be honest with each other,¬†and have formed a friendship initially based on our love for horses and need to make them happy and engaged but after nearly a year we are simply best friends who love horses. I didn’t think I could ever share my horses or yard with a stranger but it seams that with a common interest, clear¬†expectations and a shared goal that its not just possible but can lead to a life-long friendship.
Without Rebecca’s expertise and guidance I truly believe we would have not been able to make the share work. The work of Horses4Homes isn’t just the forms and the website but extends to helping people form the relationship essential when either sharing a horse or letting another person take a part of your 4 legged family as their own.
Kym, who shares Roho, described her experience as follows;
“I found Horses4Homes a great way to help the endless amount of horses in need of new homes or new owners.¬†I found Roho through the site, being so close to home he seemed ideal!¬†Meeting Justine and Roho for the first time was daunting but very quickly I could see Justine was an extremely experienced horse women.
A little nervous and unsure if I would be the right fit for Roho Justine gave me lots of guidance and was very clear about the process I would be signing up for.
With her indepth knowledge of various teaching/learning techniques I have extended my horse knowledge way beyond my expectations.
Working together ,myself and Roho have made a lovely respectful connection. I don’t think this would have been possible without the dedication of Justine to impart her deep understanding of not just her horses but every aspect of horse care.
I never thought throughout this process that the unique situation I have found myself in would turn out to be perfect!
Justine, her family and horses are fulling a life long dream, who could ask for more!”


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  1. Wow, what a striking story. that proves that horses do cause a lot of love and friendship. i hope you carry on to have a good time together ūüôā

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