"Horses4Homes was a smart move to find our Smart Da Vinci"

"Horses4Homes was a smart move to find our Smart Da Vinci"

smart da vinci“Horses4Homes was a smart move to find our Smart Da Vinci.
After the very sudden and sad loss of our Arab/TB, Horses4Homes was the perfect solution to finding our new horse.  The whole process is very easy and stress free. You are able to look at all the horses from the comfort of your own home and create your own virtual stable. At a very sensitive and hard time for us it was good to be able to look when we wanted to. It is very easy to communicate with any of the owners as all messages go through the site, until the point that your application is accepted by the owner.  At all times the team at Horses4Homes are always their for you as well for anything you need to know regardless of what you want to ask.
We collected our new horse Smart Da Vinci (Vinnie) on the 13th September, he is everything his owner said he was and he settled in amazingly well right from day one.  We have already had lots of pleasure from him and fun with his cheeky personality and we are looking forward to many happy years with him.
The biggest bonus with Horses4Homes is that it is very reassuring to know that even though we have him on permanent loan, Horses4Homes are still here to support us in the future.  We would recommend the site to anybody wishing to rehome a horse.



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