Floyd's Forever Home

Floyd's Forever Home

Having to re-home my horse has been an extremely difficult decision for me, and I am absolutely devastated at having to do so.  His new owner is able to offer him his forever home, which regrettably is something I was not able to do for him, and the re-homing process through Horses4Homes has just made the whole process much more bearable for me. There are so many horses looking for their forever home, and I feel my horse is extremely fortunate to have found his, hence my decision to let him go.  I have had 6 years of absolute pleasure from him, and am sure his new owner will get just as much enjoyment for the rest of his days.
The process through yourselves has given me peace of mind, and I would thoroughly recommend to  anyone in a similar position.  I know that I am doing the right thing for my lovely boy, as upsetting as it is.  Thank you horses4homes for helping me to give my boy his happy ending.Floyd



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  1. Janice Illingworth

    I am the lucky owner who has rehomed Floyd, he is a gorgeous boy and will certainly have his forever home here with me and his now ‘best buddy’ Alfie who I have also rehomed through Horses4Homes. The whole process has been straightforward throughout, the strict protocol which has to be adhered to gives peace of mind to both original and new owner, the selection process is thorough and, although for a prospective new owner this can mean disappointment if a horse goes to someone else it gives the original owner ultimate control over where their beloved boys and girls go!! Fortunately for me I was at the receiving end though and I would just like to say a very big thank you to both Emma and Marcia, they are both more than welcome any time to come see their boys and I will keep them as up to date as I can with news, photos etc!! Thank you very much also to Horses4Homes, this is a great charity and a means by which horses can be safely rehomed.

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