For so many it is their last chance….

For so many it is their last chance….

Horses4Homes is a rehoming facility that strives to help owners who finds themselves in the unfortunate position where they are unable to keep their horse for the rest of its days. Many owners are all too aware of the unlikelihood of finding that last resting place for their elderly or injured companion but the reality of having an otherwise healthy horse put to sleep who has been a long term family friend is a very hard decision to come to terms with.
Listing your horse with Horses4Homes, with its robust application process and rehome agreements, vastly limits the risks involved and deters disingenuous people from applying as details can be verified on a number of levels to ensure commitment, experience and integrity.
Horses4Homes will support owners by helping them to screen applicants in an effort to ensure only the best possible homes are considered and if they are not found we help owners to come to terms with the inevitable.
Horses4Homes strongly advises against owners using the numerous free advertisement sites when trying to rehome their horses as it is fraught with risks where unscrupulous people may attempt to deceptively procure your horse.
If you can give a horse a home please consider those listed with Horses4Homes. We have companion horses, rideable horses and ponies as well as youngsters. None of our owners receive any financial reward for rehoming their horses with us. For our owners it is the home that matters and not the price they may be able to get for their horse on the open market. The only cost to the successful applicant being a small donation to Horses4Homes.
Each owner is fully accountable for the information that they provide about there horse’s behaviour, temperament and ridden capacity. Horses4Homes requires owners to be incredibly detailed about their horse and what type of new owner or loanee they feel the horse would most benefit from being rehomed with.
If you can give a home to a horse please consider one listed with Horses4Homes
If you can’t find what you are looking for please provide details of the type of horse or pony you could give a home to by emailing Rebecca Evans our Rehoming Manager on [email protected]
If you would like to discuss rehoming your horse with us please call us on 0871 900 900*
* Calls cost 10p per minute mobile phones may vary


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