Gilbert’s Owner

Gilbert’s Owner

Gilbert’s Owner: Joanne, Gilbert’s owner was diagnosed with Epilepsy two years ago. As a result she is unable to drive so finding a suitable sharer was very important to her.
Horses4Homes is an excellent way to find a sharer and having a system that screens people saves me considerable time and gives me assurance that the people who I invite to trial my horse are serious candidates. Having a share agreement outlining who does what is also super to avoid confusion or possible disputes and better still it is entirely free to list my horse so I have nothing to lose.”
Horses4Homes, managed to find Joanne a super sharer for Gilbert. She is experienced, lives locally and has been sharing Gilbert for over 6 months now. Their share agreement outlines when she can ride and what chores she needs to help with as well as any financial contribution. Both sharer and owner are very happy and it makes all the difference to Gilbert as he has another loving carer and rider in his life.


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