Hobbit's New Owner, Fiona

Hobbit's New Owner, Fiona

Hobbit’s New Owner: 
“It has been almost a week since we got our new boy Hobbit. He has settled well into his new home and it is as if he has always been there. He has made some new friends and Erin has been out on him a couple of times. She says he is a complete star. I would recommend that people do not dismiss ex racers out of hand as we have found Hobbit to be very clever and biddable. He is a lovely boy and everyone at the yard comments on how lovely he is. There is a long way to go but I think he and Erin will enjoy learning together. Much of the work was already done by his previous owner Carolyn, who I cannot thank enough for letting us have this beautiful and cheeky boy! Thank you to Horses4Homes for making this process so easy as if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have Hobbit. I would recommend that anyone use your service and give a horse a new home. Keep up the good work Rebecca.”


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