Horse Abbatoir Film Reveals Breaches in Legislation

Horse Abbatoir Film Reveals Breaches in Legislation

Covert cameras placed by Hillside Animal Sanctuary at the Cheshire based horse Abattoir reveal numerous breaches in the slaughterhouse regulations.  These breaches are horrific and Horses4Homes condemns the wholly inhumane treatment of the horses shown in this video clip.  Regulations in place to protect the welfare of our horses have been blatantly ignored and suffering has ensued.  The equine welfare sector will be united in its abhorrence of this activity and will be strongly pushing the authorities to act.
To view the video please click on the link here 
World Horse Welfare are calling for horse and animal lovers across the nation to sign their petition urging the FSA to install CCTV in the slaughterhouses to aid in the  enforcement of the legislation.
Horses4Homes needs everyone’s help to promote the service that we provide to help Safely Rehome Horses.  If more owners new that a safer way of rehoming existed perhaps less owners would send their horses to slaughter.  More horses need to be  given the opportunity of finding safe, suitable, loving homes through our rehoming facility and if homes cannot be found don’t send your horse to slaughter contact your local vet and have your horse humanely put to sleep with the dignity and love they deserve.

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