Horse & Hound Promote Horses4Homes

Horse & Hound Promote Horses4Homes

Horse and Hound has a weekly readership of over 245,000, just over 152,000 “likes” on their Facebook page and is regarded as the most respected and well read equine magazine in the UK.
This week they featured Horses4Homes and one of our horses Rokokko in their feature on Rehoming, within hours the phone starting ringing and the emails enquiring about this super horse came buzzing in.
Horse and Hound also kindly posted a promotion of Horses4Homes on their Facebook page we received over 500 “likes” in just one evening and so many supporting comments. This is the most support Horse and Hound have ever received for one of their promotions by over 200. It is wonderful to feel the support that there is for our scheme from around the world. We are confident we can help many more horses to find new, loving homes using our tailor made screening process.
I only hope the charities like World Horse Welfare, Redwings, Blue Cross, Happa and the RSPCA also featured in the magazine article are too being inundated with calls for their horses. It is wonderful that the Horse and Hound has brought into the public domain the great need for the charities to rehome their horses. Welfare cases of abandonment and issues of fly grazing are on the increase in the UK so it is vital that these charities who work on the front line rehome their horses as soon as they are ready. Sadly there will always be a queue of desperate horses in dire need of their expert services and finite resources, by rehoming these horses you are directly saving another.
But what you say of the horses the public need to rehome. Horses who are well cared for but their owners are unable to continue to provide homes for them due to unforeseen circumstances outside of their own control such as poor health or bereavement. As these horses are not welfare cases owners in this situation are turned away by sanctuaries on a daily basis to fend for themselves which is the very reason why Horses4Homes was formed, to help those who are quite rightly reticent to take on the risks of rehoming and want to do the very best by their horse to find it a secure, loving, long term home.
To list your horse simply Register and follow our steps to Rehome a Horse or call us on 0871 9 100 100* and let Horses4Homes do the work for you. To view our horses available for new homes click here or follow our work by joining us on Facebook.
(*calls cost 10p mobile phones may vary)


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