• Welsh Mountain Pony
  • Caldicot, South Wales
  • Registered : no
  • Age : 5.5 years
  • Height : 11.2
  • Colour : Light grey
  • Owned For (Years): 2.5 years
  • Eligible For Vetting : no
  • Requires Stabling : no
  • Requires Resticted Grazing : no
  • Passport : Pet id equine passport number 826073 002100201
  • The successful applicant will need to pay a donation of £100 plus an £50 standard fee to Horses 4 Homes upon completion.
  • Applicants must live within 30 miles of the sellers town of residence to apply.


Milo is a very pretty, light grey Section A cross gelding. He is approximately 11.2hh. My daughter bought Milo as a project but it was immediately apparent that he had been roughly treated and as a result was extremely fearful, particularly of men. Although I have worked with Milo and can catch him, put headcollar on easily, bring him in and groom him, take him for little walks, unfortunately through lack of time and illness I just cannot give him the time he needs, plus I am not experienced with nervous ponies. Now that Milo trusts me I can do these things but he now needs to be brought on properly. He is a very sweet, intelligent boy who loves to learn. I have no doubt in the right hands he would be a cracking little pony.


As above, Milo has clearly been mistreated in the past and as a result has trust issues. As he trusts me now I can easily catch him, bring him in, groom him a little and take him for short walks. Unfortunately as I am not very experienced nor confident he is not great with picking up his feet or being wormed etc and I have had to have him sedated to do his feet and teeth. I have no doubt that the right, experienced and kind owner will be able to work through these issues with Milo and bring him on.

Health Issues

Milo has no known health issues and all vaccinations are up to date.

Ideal Home

As Milo has trust issues, he needs a very experienced, kind home where he will be given the time to learn to trust new people so that he can be brought on properly. My ideal home for him would use Natural Horsemanship techniques, but most definitely his new owner needs to have experience of working with nervous ponies. Now that I have spent time with him it is very clear he is keen and quick to learn, unfortunately I am not experienced or confident enough to give him what he needs and he is completely wasted at the moment and it is very unfair on him that he is not doing anything. I would very much like his new owner to keep in touch.

Vet Details

Abbey Equine Clinic 01873 840069


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