• Connemara
  • Surbiton
  • Registered : yes
  • Age : 16
  • Height : 14.2
  • Colour : White with grey freckles
  • Owned For (Years): 6 months
  • Eligible For Vetting : yes
  • Requires Stabling : yes
  • Requires Resticted Grazing : yes
  • Passport : FC02299
  • The successful applicant will need to pay a donation of £200 plus an £50 standard fee to Horses 4 Homes upon completion.
  • Applicants must live within 10 miles miles of the sellers town of residence to apply.


🌟 Full Loan Offer: Meet Bluebell, a Beautiful Connemara Mare 🌟

Bluebell is a mare with a heart of gold and a dash of cheekiness. She has a good temperament, loves a scratch, and is easy to catch from the field. Despite her playful nature, she shows good manners overall.

Bluebell is versatile and skilled, making her suitable for hacking, jumping, and dressage. She’s best matched with an experienced rider who can appreciate her quirks and provide the firm hand she responds well to.

I’m looking for a somewhat long-term loan, ideally within easy reach of her current location, or even better, if she can stay at her current yard. This will allow me to visit her occasionally, which would be a great comfort.

Bluebell is not just a horse; she’s a companion with a unique personality. If you’re an experienced rider looking for a horse with character and capabilities, Bluebell might just be your perfect match.


Bluebell is a spirited and intelligent Connemara mare, who can occasionally test her rider with a bit of cheekiness, like trying to take the lead or showing hesitance at certain commands, requiring a rider who can confidently and calmly assert leadership. She has a good temperament overall, affectionate and enjoys scratches, but her playful nature means she can be a bit of a handful at times, especially if she senses uncertainty from her rider. An experienced rider is needed, someone familiar with handling horses with character and capable of providing firm, consistent guidance. Given her size (14.2 hands), a weight limit is advisable to ensure her comfort and health, ideally not exceeding 75 kg. Bluebell comes with a complete set of tack, including a well-fitted saddle, bridle, and bit, suited to her size and breed. Her wardrobe includes essential items such as blankets for different weather conditions, a few turnout rugs, head collar and leads, lunging equipment, feed bins and buckets and grooming supplies to ensure she is well cared for.

Health Issues

All vaccinations, dentist, worming, and farrier appointments are up to date. Recently, Bluebell recovered from sycamore poisoning and is currently on box rest/small paddock grazing. She will need to be gently reintroduced to exercise in a month to ensure her full recovery.

Ideal Home

I am seeking a loving and experienced home for Bluebell, where her unique personality and needs will be deeply understood and catered to. The ideal home would be with an experienced rider who is skilled in handling a horse with Bluebell's playful yet cheeky nature, and who can provide her with the firm guidance she thrives under. Given her recent recovery from illness, a home that can offer a patient and gentle reintroduction to exercise would be perfect, and access to a stable is a must. A location within easy reach of Surbiton, or even better, at her current yard, would be ideal to allow for continued visits.

Vet Details

GVG Brooks Equine Vet Dovers Farm, B1-B2, The Courtyard Business Centre, Lonesome Ln, Reigate RH2 7QT  


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