• Thoroughbred Horse
  • Tonbridge
  • Registered : yes
  • Age : 15
  • Height : 15. 3 hh
  • Colour : Bay
  • Owned For (Years): 5.5 years
  • Eligible For Vetting : yes
  • Requires Stabling : yes
  • Requires Resticted Grazing : no
  • Passport : 8260GB45076833T Weatherbys
  • The successful applicant will need to pay a donation of £100 plus an £50 standard fee to Horses 4 Homes upon completion.
  • Applicants must live within 30 miles miles of the sellers town of residence to apply.


Bella is a beautiful, savvy mare, with a heart of gold. I am looking for a long term loan home as I have started a diploma and new job and although I could manage this juggling I feel the best for Bella is to go and have fun.  Bella has a returns label on her as she has an old hock injury, Whilst this doesn’t effect her too much now  I will be there to take her back when she is ready to slow down and no longer suitable for her loaner.  Of course if her loaner is happy to continue with a (one day) semi retired horse then I would be very willing to discuss this.

Bella is safe but the rider must be a confident and competent novice ride.  She’s nicely schooled and responsive, soft in her mouth and requires only a light hand, she is never strong or silly, I ride her at the end of the buckle out hacking – Bella loves her pole work and jumping ( although I would recommend she is only jumped twice a week due to an old hock injury)
She loves to hack alone or in company and but seeks confidence in her rider especially when out alone, and she has a fear of cows so best in company until she gets to know her location, she can be spooky when unsure.

She’s great in traffic as her stable is next to a main road where we hack directly from. Bella never gets heated up in open fields.

Bella is an adaptable and happy horse who enjoys taking part in anything if you make it fun for her too. She loves fun and praise, and will be your best friend, she won’t let you down.  We have happily attended dressage, show jumping, sponsored and leisure rides.

On the ground, she is good and has her manners, Bella is a typical mare so I always ask her to step back when entering the stable, simple disciplines ensures the correct dynamics.
Good to catch, shoe, vet, farrier, load, and travels very well. Bella does require sedation when having the dentist.

Bella gets on well with other horses, though due to the nature of how she obtained her injury she is wary of others too close, so hacking I will hack along side or behind, but am very cautious in front unless I have ample space.

I would love Bella to go and have fun, she loves hacking, Jumping, low level competing, and schooling.  She is versatile and happy whatever you ask of her.




Bella has a good keen manner when under the saddle.  When Bella spooks it can be quick, as expected from her bred, but as quick as she spooks she stops and unless genuinely upset she calms straight away. I would like her weight limit to be 10st 7 please, and be a competent, confident novice and up. Bella will come with her various rugs, boots and tack.  I keep everything simple so very uncomplicated wardrobe!

Health Issues

Bella received  a hock injury, after being kicked in the field 5 years ago, she can be stiff to start with, but after a few minutes she tracks up well,  I do limit her jumping twice weekly, and would say she is comfortable around 80/90 max, I also try not to trot her on the roads too much due to toe scrapping. I maintain Bella with regular exercise and turn out, 1 x bute when ridden,  along with a decent farrier, Bella is currently fitted with natural balance shoes. Bella is currently undergoing dental treatment for diastema where I will need to take her back to the veterinary clinic at least one more time.  The cost is all through my insurance, but as of next year Bella will no longer be covered.  Recommendations from my vet is that she is seen every 6 months moving forwards. I have a health plan where it covers her annual dental check which I am happy to continue with, hence wanting to keep her relatively close, here the other dental check would be the responsibility of the loaner.  My health care plan covers her vaccinations, annual health check and worm counts, it additionally lowers the cost of her bute. Bellas vaccinations are annual and up to date.

Ideal Home

Bella is happy being stabled with grazing, she is currently out at night and in during the day.  Bella will need a companion, she can not be left in the field on her own, but settles nicely in a stable as long as she has plenty of hay/hayledge. Bella likes to have a job, whether that’s hacking through the countryside, or round the roads, or jumping, schooling or competing. Bella likes to be fussed and ridden, so anyone that fits that bill will suit her nicely.

Vet Details

Belle Equine Butchers Lane Mereworth Maidstone


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