Joe Joe & Jess

Joe Joe & Jess

  • Other (See Description)
  • Ayrshire
  • Registered : yes
  • Age : 9
  • Height : 11" 2? & 14"2/3ish (neither officially measured)
  • Colour : Grey & Piebald
  • Owned For (Years): 4 years & 2 1/2 years
  • Eligible For Vetting : yes
  • Requires Stabling : no
  • Requires Resticted Grazing : no
  • Passport : Joe Joe - Welsh Pony & Cob Society 826046410000277 Jess - Pet - ID Equine - 826073001105030
  • The successful applicant will need to pay a donation of £400 plus an £50 standard fee to Horses 4 Homes upon completion.
  • Applicants must live within 300 miles miles of the sellers town of residence to apply.


Joe Joe and Jess come as a pair and cannot be split up. They have been used as therapy type ponies for guests that have come and stayed on my farm. Unfortunately due to my farm hitting an incredibly difficult time financially and losing more and more grazing due to flooding I can no longer keep my beautiful rescues.

Joe Joe is a Welshie and as such is a very easy doer, he doesn’t suffer from laminitis and has never been sick or sorry in his life here having never needed any vet treatment here apart from one wee wart that came up on his chest when he first got here. It was banded so it dropped off and he has never had another one since. Being a typical Welshie he does put weight on quickly so shouldn’t have access to huge amounts of grass, but to be honest, if he was in work, being ridden regularly to keep the weight off I think he would be fine and wouldn’t need restricted grazing. I just have to restrict him here as I don’t have a regular jockey for him so he and Jess go into a smaller paddock with not as much or as good grass and he does well on it. This is one of the reasons i am hoping to loan him as I think he needs a job to help keep weight off him and to keep that Welshie brain of his occupied. He is being wasted in a field right now. He is an absolutely wonderful boy, quite the sweetie, but also quite the cheek, a typical Welshie! He arrived at mine as he was being made homeless and he went in with my two Shetlands to keep them company. He gets on well with them and has been in with the bigger horses too absolutely fine. He doesn’t get excited around mares as he has been in with two of them. He had started the basics of carriage driving when he arrived at mine (carriage can be bought to go with him) but this was never continued with me but he seemed to turn his hoof to it well so could continue although would probably need restarting. He has been broken to ride however has not had much training so he has very low mileage and needs to continue being taught. He has most recently been ridden by some children that came to visit the farm, so he is certainly rideable. He is , however,  your typical cheeky Welshie, and likes to sometimes just go where he wants so anyone riding him would need to know what they were doing to break him out of some niggly habits he has picked up from kids not controlling him. (nothing serious at all, just not going where he is told to go and sometimes being hard work to get up into canter if he’s feeling lazy!). It has been some time since he has been ridden so he could be a blank slate at a new place. He could go far in the right hands once he is back to being fit. He has also had a wee go at some jumps which he seemed to enjoy. He has mostly, however, been used here for pony pampering sessions which he enjoys thoroughly, enjoying any sort of attention as he knows it means cuddles and treats! He behaves perfectly for kids and strangers alike. He has also been groomed by some children with various forms of autism, adhd and other challenges and behaved beautifully for them, just happy to munch away on his hay! He is unshod, never had shoes, and has good solid feet. He is in very good health and never needed a vet.

His absolute best friend is Jess (Jess in passport however renamed Bea by one of her rescuers) and they must be homed together. She has also been used here as one of the pony pampering ponies. She is a very chilled out, beautiful lady with the sweetest face and kindest eyes! She is a cob rescue and I have very few details on her but what I do know is that she was rescued when she was younger (coming up to 2 years old) from travelers that had already had a a foal on her when she was still herself a baby. I was told she had been possibly beaten in a previous home and she may have been starved which accounts for her rudeness around food when she first got here. She had not been taught basic ground manners so was very bargey and pushy when she first arrived but with patience, kindness and training she has completely turned it around and become one of the sweetest and gentlest ponies here that even small children have been able to lead. She adores being groomed by children (the same with Joe Joe, some of them grooming her have had challenges and challenging behaviour around her and she seemed to understand to be extra gentle and quiet with them) and, being slightly bigger than Joe Joe she has had adults groom her too. She is rideable, however, she is only suitable for light hacking or very light schooling due to having a slight stiffness in her hind leg/pelvis area. You can only see this in her trot. This, I believe, was from when she had a foal when she was far too young which has affected her back end. She has had a vet and physio look at her as soon as she got here, however, as she runs about the field with no issues and, following the examination, they ascertained that she didn’t need treatment for it. She will canter about in her field absolutely fine and clearly enjoys herself, cantering around with Joe Joe. You can only really see the stiffness when she is in trot. Xrays would determine the issue behind it but I never saw the point when she wasn’t in pain, as confirmed by vet and physio, and she wasn’t being extensively ridden, just pampered with the occasional ride with a very lightweight rider. I have actually seen her pelvis improve since being here as she is rested a lot and it is definitely not as pronounced as it was, hence why I would suggest her as a companion pony for Joe Joe or only to be used in light hacking/schooling. It is just something that she comes with that you will need to be aware of, however has not needed any treatment for. She was hacked previously in her home before me however, she would need to rest the next day if she went any faster than a walk so she is not a pony that can be ridden hard or every day. She is the most lovely gentle girl now that she knows her manners and would be so happy just to be pampered. The option of her being ridden, to teach young people the beginning stages of riding, is always there as she has had complete novices on her, whose first time it was riding, and she behaved perfectly and took such good care of them. Being a cob type, attention needs to be paid to her feathers in Winter. Due to having such wet ground here, I have taken to clipping her feathers off over Winter but let them grow back in the Summer when it is dry. She arrived with mites in her feathers and she stamped a lot but that was treated and she has been fine with just getting them clipped so you can keep an eye on them more easily over Winter. She is an absolutely stunning girl, photos don’t really do her sweet face justice. Jess’ passport says she is 20+ years old, however, this is completely incorrect. The person that rescued her and myself have both had equine dentists out and they have both confirmed that she is nowhere close to that age, she is actually around the same age as Joe Joe, 9ish as confirmed by her teeth. As I said previously, not much is known re her previous history, just that she was rescued from from travelers and that was the passport that she came with which I have never had the time to sort out.

Please note that neither pony has been ridden for a very long time so it will not be possible to just chuck some tack on them and have a go here. Neither of them are particularly fit. I have videos of them both being ridden and the date stamp so you can see when it was so you will see that they are both rideable.


As described above, Joe Joe needs a competent jockey on him to train him well as he is still learning.  Jess is so chilled she has taken complete novices round an arena and on hacks, however, cannot be ridden every day if more than trotting is done. She is not a horse to be ridden every day if she is worked hard, although, in fact, she shouldn't be worked hard due to her pelvis stiffness. She will be just as happy to get some pony pampering and cuddles. Both of these ponies are so lovely with very sweet temperaments although Joe Joe will have his cheeky Welshie moments. They have some rugs too that can be sold to go with them but I will need to look them out to remember what rugs they have. They only really wear them in really bad weather as they are both unclipped and native so used to our weather. They both have tack that can go with them on loan.

Health Issues

As detailed in the description Joe Joe has zero health issues. He is sound and ready to go, although now probably a bit unfit so will need bringing back into work accordingly. Jess, as mentioned, has a stiffness in her pelvis/hip area whether this was to do with being beaten in her previous life or being made to have a foal when she was too young, or both, I cannot say. What I can say is that she is not in pain, as confirmed by the vet and my physio. She is only suitable for lightweight riders and very light hacking or schooling complete novices but will equally be just as happy as a companion for Joe Joe or a therapy pony with him. They both recently saw the farrier and had a trim. They are both unshod and always have been here. They have very good strong feet and I've never had any issues with either of them. Joe Joe was vaccinated for the first few years he was here, however, financial constraints and the fact that he never left the farm his vaccinations have lapsed so he would need a restart at his new place. Jess has not been vaccinated so would need a restart. Their teeth are due a dental and their teeth are all good and they just get an annual clean. As I mentioned before, Jess's dental age is nothing close to her stated passport age.

Ideal Home

The most suitable home for these two would be with someone who will absolutely adore them and give them loads of pampering. Joe Joe would make a good child's pony (although definitely not a first pony). They could even go to a therapy place or petting zoo type place as that is exactly how they have been used here with pony pampering sessions by kids and adults so they are used to a huge assortment of people. They are both rideable, however, as detailed above, Joe Joe's jockey will need to know what they are doing so he can further his education and Jess can either be a companion for him as she doesn't stress when he leaves the field or could be a very light hacking pony or early learners' pony to help children with the absolute basics in walk. Jess is very chilled out and does not stress when Joe Joe leaves the field to come in for a ride, however, Joe Joe has been known to get a wee bit anxious when Jess is taken out of his field without him so they are used to a routine of both getting a pamper here together in stables next to each other as there is usually a family or group that grooms them. I am sure that they would both get used to a new routine after a wee while.

Vet Details

Armour Vet, Mauchline


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