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  • Ayrshire
  • Registered : yes
  • Age : 13
  • Height : 16 3
  • Colour : Bay
  • Owned For (Years): 4 years
  • Eligible For Vetting : yes
  • Requires Stabling : no
  • Requires Resticted Grazing : no
  • Passport : KWPN Netherlands - 528003201011948
  • The successful applicant will need to pay a donation of £100 plus an £50 standard fee to Horses 4 Homes upon completion.
  • Applicants must live within 400 miles of the sellers town of residence to apply.


Joey is an absolutely wonderful boy. He is one of the favourites of visitors to my farm and has been used almost like a therapy horse for them to pamper and groom. He has been groomed by both adults and children, strangers alike and absolutely adores his pamper time. Unfortunately my farm has hit an incredibly hard time financially and is losing grazing so I can no longer afford to keep my beautiful rescues.

He is absolutely not for novices as he needs someone who knows, not just what they are doing, but also more than him! And he is an intelligent boy. He needs an incredibly confident rider who can give him the confidence of having 2 eyes again. He needs an unbelievably soft touch in his mouth, kind hands, as he is very sensitive there. He would need to be started right from the basics and time taken with him but it has been done before so he could potentially be brought back into work. And he could be very good. He is absolutely beautiful when he moves and gets very excited when jumps are out. I do have videos of when he was last ridden but this was a while ago, around 1 and 1/2 years ago so he will need time to be brought back in. I definitely think he’d be happier with a job to do as when he is bored he tends to be the annoying little brother and wind the other horses up. If he had a routine and was brought back into work he would be happy. But, again, I must stress, he will only go to a highly experienced home as there are bucks and lots of attitude and opinions still thrown in there. He also spooks at things coming past him fast on his right side but again, this is due to confidence and not having been ridden prior. I cannot emphasise enough this boy’s potential. His passport is stamped with a British Showjumping number so he has gone quite far in his previous life before his eye injury but I have never researched this further.

He is a very low mileaged 13year old KWPN Dutch Warmblood Gelding. An incredibly good doer as he lives out 24/7 with his friends and only needs hay in the Winter if the grazing is poor.  He is very comfortable in a stable so could be in at night if that was your routine. This boy honestly has so much potential as long as he is taken care of and his face is seen consistently by a physio to keep the pressure away. He is so friendly, I honestly think sometimes he prefers human company to horses! He is middle to top of the pecking order and gets on well with other horses as well as other animals such as dogs, cats, donkeys and sheep! When being led he needs to be able to see and hear you due to being mostly blind in his right eye and i find talking to him constantly so he knows where you are helps.


All as described above. Again, I will state Joey is not for a novice rider. Advanced riders only. I cannot emphasise this enough for both his and his new rider's safety. He will not tolerate a harsh hand in his mouth and will tell you so in no uncertain times however, if he trusts you, and enjoys the way you ask him, he will give you the world and do whatever you want in full faith. I have videos of him going beautifully in the right hands from a couple of years ago so you can see how he goes. He is a very gentle, cuddley boy but really needs this understood about him. No more than 14 stone weight limit due to his fitness. As I mentioned before, his passport is stamped with a British Showjumping number so this boy has the potential to be amazing if he could be brought back gently to what he used to love. He has been jumped a few times here, not particularly high though as we just wanted to ascertain how he felt about jumping again, but he certainly enjoyed it. He needs extra help with lining up the jump and his spacing as his vision has changed.  Joey is only going to a loan home as I want to make sure his future is secure and safe. He has tack and wardrobe that can go with him on loan. This includes an ergonomic bridle that is fitted to him and keeps the pressure off his face and poll. Physio absolutely must be kept up with Joey and his face and he must be seen regularly to release the tension that builds up, especially if he is in regular work. I would suggest every 3 months if working regularly. His face will always need adjusting due to not getting the proper attention it needed when he had his accident so this will be a condition of his loaning. My physio likened it to being physically worked with the worst migraine you can possibly imagine so this is an absolute necessity for him to be happy in work and will be part of his loaning contract. Physio has also recommended him being fed from the floor and to avoid hay nets especially so he does not build up the tension unnecessarily in his face and neck from ripping hay out of the net. When he in his stable he is either fed from the floor or a hay bar to keep his neck and head loose. Joey is not a horse you can just get on and ride without him knowing you first so trust will need to be earned and established first at his new home. Trying him out here first will not be an option due to him not being a horse that you can just jump on and have a go on, especially if he doesn't know you. Additionally, as he has not been ridden for quite a while, time will have to be taken to get him ready for it again. It would be best to start him with ground work and in-hand work to get him used to his new space and place and surroundings so he can build his confidence without the pressure of being ridden too. This will also enable both of you to get to know each other and establish a relationship. His saddle was fitted to him by a master saddler at the time he was being brought back into work here so it is fitted to him, however, as he has stopped working here due to time constraints some weight may need to come off for it to be the best fit again. I will send you all the videos I have of him being ridden both by myself and a far more experienced rider so you can see how he moves and his potential. Please do not think I am being pedantic with all of these requests, I just know this boy through and through and know what he is like and what he needs so only the best fit for him as a loan home will be considered. He could potentially be amazing so needs to find the best match for him. Could potentially be loaned with another horse, a companion, Chookie.

Health Issues

As described above, Joey had a trauma happen to his eye so is blind in his right eye. He is otherwise completely sound and ready to go, however, a little unfit. He recently saw the farrier and had a trim. He is unshod and always has been here. He has very good strong feet which I've never had any issues with. He was vaccinated for the first few years he was here, however, financial constraints and the fact that he never left the farm his vaccinations have lapsed so he would need a restart at his new place. His teeth are due a dental and, like the rest of him, his teeth are all good and he just gets an annual clean.

Ideal Home

The most suitable home for this boy would be a kind, understanding and patient home. Someone willing to put the time and effort in to get Joey to trust in you not only on the ground but especially when riding him. I cannot stress enough that this boy cannot go to a novice home as in the wrong hands he would suffer and I will not let that happen to this boy. Someone who was willing to come up with a way of riding and communicating with Joey in a special way that would help him navigate where you want him to go and enable him to be able to put full trust in you so he knows that he is safe. Someone always conscious and aware of the fact that Joey no longer sees the way he used to and he is still learning and needs help to find his way in this new world. He needs a rider who can see the paces and spacing for him so he knows when to take off if he is jumping and also someone who will be ready in case he does decide to go early and not get left behind on his mouth!

Vet Details

Armour Vet, Mauchline


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