• Other (See Description)
  • Cheshire
  • Registered : yes
  • Age : 16
  • Height : 15.2
  • Colour : Chestnut flaxen mane and tail
  • Owned For (Years): 13
  • Eligible For Vetting : no
  • Requires Stabling : yes
  • Requires Resticted Grazing : yes
  • Passport : Belgian Haflinger Studbook VB 8028
  • The successful applicant will need to pay a donation of £100 plus an £50 standard fee to Horses 4 Homes upon completion.
  • Applicants must live within 35 miles of the sellers town of residence to apply.


Trussje is a fabulous 15.2 Haflinger. She is looking for an experienced and empathetic home for a long term LOAN. I have owned Trussje for 13 years and I am only offering for someone else to have fun with her as, following having two children, I now only have time for the occasional hack and have no menage available and she’s a mare who (doesn’t need) but enjoys a job and she’s very low mileage so its way to early for her to retire. She is flashy, fun but also mareish and quirky so please read carefully before you contact!

Trussje is well schooled and is really responsive in the school. She will occasionally thrown in a small buck going into canter, more of a cow kick really. I have only ever done low level dressage but its something she enjoys and does well at because of her paces, carriage and schooling.  I have never done more than the odd jump with her because its not something I’m confident with but she does enjoy jumping with a rider who enjoys it. In the last 4 years she has been used mainly for ad-hoc hacking which has actually been very good for her. She does hack solo with a confident rider, and I’ve mostly been pushing this with her of late and she really enjoys it – you do need to give her confidence when she needs it. She still hates tractors and trailers and will scoot pass them, I prefer to keep her moving forward past them and so does she.

Trussje is mareish with other horses – she actually settles really well into a herd being turned out but hates horses invading her space near her stable or when she’s being ridden. This is her biggest issue and why she’s never done showing with me. She’s happy being ridden in a school with other horses but just likes her space. In her stable she needs her space and will kick out at walls if horses look over or get too near her door, she’s always done it and its never faded.

With people she’s an angel in the stable, good for farriers, vets, worming and dentist – never needed to be sedated for anything.

Handling out of the stable she does best with firm handling, she likes to jog when being led and can get strong if allowed. I find using a dually halter or equivalent removes all issues and I have regularly led her with my children.

She’s the most beautiful mare and I would love to see a loaner with transport capitalising on her talent for dressage and getting her out.

Requires a confident competent loaner.


In the school she's a delight, she likes her work. She definitely a mare to be encouraged to do things rather than 'told' to get the best results. She's lovely out hacking, especially in company. On her own she does need that extra confident rider and reassurance. She can be vocal at the beginning but always happy to leave the yard. She can be nappy in open spaces if she gets worried, with some reassurance and a confident rider she's absolutely fine.

Health Issues

Vaccinations all up to date. No known health issues. I am always careful with her weight as she lives on air.

Ideal Home

A competent home and confident rider looking to do schooling, dressage, hacking, fun rides. She is substantial and does need reassurance so really she needs a small adult or an older very confident teenager. She's a mare that really thrives being out at least 4 hours a day, even in winter, so somewhere with all year turnout would be preferable as she can get extra grumpy in her stable with other horses if not.

Vet Details

Ashbrooks Equine Hospital, Middlewich Rd, Knutsford WA16 9JQ


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