Horses4Homes advises against advertising horses "Free to a Good Home"

Horses4Homes advises against advertising horses "Free to a Good Home"

Horses4Homes has gone live this week and would like to strongly advise anyone considering to advertise their horse “free to a good home” in the UK or Republic of Ireland to think again and to use the Horses4Homes facility to help find the best suitable new carer for their horse.
Horses4Homes caters for;
The horse that has, for one or more reasons, become unwanted by its owner. It may be a healthy horse that an owner is unable or can no longer afford to keep or feed. It may be a horse that is dangerous to handle and has injured (or is likely to injure) people. It may be a horse with an injury, lameness, or illness for which the owner is unwilling or unable to provide care” (Unwanted Horse Coalition)
Unfortunately there are quite literally hundreds of unwanted horses in the UK and Horses4Homes now provides a facility to enable the safe rehoming of these horses which could otherwise enter into a downward spiral of neglect. If successful, the scheme will be launched on an international scale.
Anyone wishing to take on ownership or indeed loan a horse needs to have the capability, resources and commitment necessary to appropriately care for that horse and Horses4Homes is now providing a free service to owners to help them secure the best future for their much loved horses.
Listing a horse “free to a good home” however well intentioned is fraught with risks and with the establishment of Horses4Homes it is a risk that is entirely unnecessary.
Visit Horses4Homes to find out more about the detailed listing and screening process or liaise with Rebecca Evans the Horses4Homes Development Manager at [email protected]


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