Horses4Homes ask… Looking for a new equine?

Horses4Homes ask… Looking for a new equine?

How can you ensure you get the right horse for you and your circumstances? Well may be the answer is you can never be totally sure. Horses4Homes tries to ease this journey by screening all owner’s listings and asking for a warts and all profile!
Application processes are in place for those interested and visits arranged. Owners are also encouraged to carry out home checks before the horse leaves their care. All this preparation is vital to ensure a smooth transition and a successful placement of a horse.Emmie
“We were very worried about finding a perfect loan home for our beautiful mare. She has an old injury which needs managing and we thought it would prevent people from wanting her. We didn’t want to advertise her on the open market as there are such horror stories of what happens to horses these days. Through Horses4Homes we found the perfect loan home. Her new owners adore her as much as we do and she has found the exact home with a slightly quieter life that she needs. The agreement drawn up by Horses4Homes was very specific and covered everything that we needed. We can visit our pony regularly and have a say in any decisions that need making in the future. We feel very blessed that we have had such a happy ending for our pony and would highly recommend Horses4Homes.” Sally Owner of Emmie.

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