Horses4Homes Help Those Struggling to Re-home

Horses4Homes Help Those Struggling to Re-home

Jennifer Brant has been looking after rescue ponies for the past 30 years. Recently Jennifer fell upon hard times financially and her health also took a turn for the worst. Rather than continue to struggle caring for her two ponies, Wren and Rusty, Jennifer made the responsible decision to try and find a suitable home for them.
She knew this would be difficult, ideally she wanted to keep them together but this was also possibly a little idealistic. Jennifer contacted many of the equine charities to see if they could help but unfortunately as the ponies were not an immediate welfare concern Jennifer was left to find a suitable home for the ponies herself or have them put to sleep. As Wren is 39 years old, when Jennifer contacted Horses4Homes I advised her that finding a new home for Wren would be unlikely and Jennifer should prepare herself for having Wren put to sleep. Consideration would also need to be given, if a suitable home could be found, to ensure the move to a new home would not be too traumatic for the little Sec A mare. Incredibly a home has been found for both ponies locally to Jennifer where they can both stay together and Jennifer can remain involved in their care.

Jennifer made the following comment on her experience of Horses4Homes:
“Very grateful thanks to Rebecca and the Horses4Homes website. Throughout the whole difficult and emotional process of having to re-home my two much loved ponies, Rebecca offered kind and personal support as well as practical help and advice. I felt absolute confidence in her and the website, and would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who may be struggling to find the right home for their horses or ponies”.

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