Horses4Homes Invite Owners to List Ex-Racehorses For Re-homing

Horses4Homes Invite Owners to List Ex-Racehorses For Re-homing

The responsible and safe re-homing of all horses should be encouraged but the problems which result when ex-racehorses fall into inexperienced hands can be considerable, undoing many months, sometimes years, of hard work, patience and understanding.
The ex-racehorse re-homing charities do a fantastic job rehabilitating and re-homing ex-racehorses but there are still many more in need of new homes and Horses4Homes would like to encourage owners of these horses looking for loan homes, sharers or new owners to consider using the Horses4Homes screening facility to help find the best new carer for their horses.
All applicants applying for your horse need to demonstrate their ability to take on your horse, providing references and detail of their previous experience. Saving you huge amounts of time having to weed your way through people who are perhaps not best placed to meet the needs of your horse and advance its learning.
It is free to list any horse on Horses4Homes and each successful re-home is given a bespoke re-home agreement paid for at a cost of £50 by the new carer. A new home inspection service is also available.
If you have an ex-racehorse in need of a new home, contact [email protected] or call the re-homing helpline on 0871 9 100 100
* to find out more about re-homing via Horses4Homes or visit the rehoming help page 
* Calls cost 10p per minute mobile costs may vary


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