Horses4Homes Joins The National Equine Welfare Council

Horses4Homes Joins The National Equine Welfare Council

Horses4Homes has become an Associate Member of the National Equine Welfare Council.
The National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC), of which the Development Manager of Horses4Homes, Rebecca Evans, is Vice Chair, is a membership organisation focused on improving the welfare of horses and Ponies in the UK. The equivalent organisation in America is the Unwanted Horse Coalition.
NEWC is a very well respected organisation advancing equine welfare in the UK by co-ordinating the efforts of over 70 membership organisations.
Horses4Homes supports the work of NEWC and will continue to work together with its many members to ensure we can maximise our impact on helping owners to rehome their horses to excellent, loving homes.
Horses4Homes is pleased to become the first membership organisation which is solely focused on the issue of responsible re-homing. No other NEWC member has successfully tackled the welfare issue of rehoming by way of acting as an intermediary between horse owner and new owner or carer. Rehoming has been recognised as a key welfare concern for many years and with the state of the art listing and application process built by Horses4Homes, put out for consultation to NEWC Members, incorporating industry agreed advice, we are confident our impact will be positive and long lasting.
To find out more about Horses4Homes please read our Rehoming Help.


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