Horses4Homes Ready to Launch

Horses4Homes Ready to Launch

Horses4Homes has now completed its consultation phase and will be launching the first ever internet based equine re-homing facility imminently.
The state of the art website has been many months in the making and offers new hope to thousands of low value horses, ponies and donkeys in need of new homes, loanees and sharers. Horses4Homes will revolutionise the re-homing of horses by screening those interested parties to best ensure horses are rehomed to those who are best able to care for their individual needs whilst enabling the horse owner to be in control of the decision making process.
The site will allow horse owners in the UK and Republic of Ireland to list horses available for re-homing at absolutely no cost. It will invite people to apply for horses at a cost of £10 and screen them rigorously to best ensure only those most suitable, which match the requirements laid down by the owner, are pursued further.
To list a horse on Horses4Homes simply Register and then follow the steps to Rehome a Horse which is entirely free.
The site incorporates comprehensive, qualified advice to help enable horse owners and applicants to make the right choices in the best interests of horse welfare and human safety and the integrated messaging system enables owners and applicants to have a record of all communication. To view our resources page click here
The site has built in the requirement for references in respect of new owners, loanees and sharers & a “new home” inspection service .
It has the facility to upload veterinary records as well as photos and videos of horses to help demonstrate the health status, conformation, movement and demeanor of the horse.
The site has taken every opportunity to promote and verify honesty and integrity of both horse owner and applicant to best ensure horses are re-homed safely to long term caring homes.
Please contact Rebecca Evans if you have a horse in need of re-homing or are interested in re-homing a horse or call our re-homing hotline on 0870 9 100 100 (calls cost 10p per minute mobile costs may vary).
All applicants that go through to successfully re-home a horse will be required to pay any donation requested by the Horse Owner to the Horses4Homes Foundation to demonstrate their commitment to the horse and horse welfare generally and the re-homing fee of £50 which will cover the cost of the tailormade re-home agreement.


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