"I cannot speak higher of Horses4Homes"

"I cannot speak higher of Horses4Homes"

Troy2 “Troy has fitted into his new home with us so well. I cannot speak higher of Horses4Homes & hopefully in the future will be able to give another horse a good home for my daughter.
When Troy first come to us he was nervous & very unsure. Over two months we have worked hard to gain his trust, at first he would not stand still & we went through a few lead ropes but now he will stand on the yard to be groomed & I can now lift all 4 feet. When he first come to us he wouldn’t let anyone near his legs let alone pick up! We are hoping for the farrier to have a quick look next time he is at our yard & hopefully build Troys trust again.
Troy is working in the school everyday & even my novice husband has been able to ride him. We have been out hacking once & he was very brave, so will be working on his confidence out over the next few months.
Thankyou so much for making this all possible, he truly is part of our family now & I couldn’t imagine our lives without our cheeky boy.”



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