In Very Sad Circumstances, Light Hack in Brighton Needs a New Home

In Very Sad Circumstances, Light Hack in Brighton Needs a New Home

Bella, a 22 year old Registered Connemara cross Thoroughbred has been in her current home for the past 7 years in Brighton. Her owner very recently, whilst helping Bella when she had got herself caught up in some fencing tragically died of a heart attack. He was dedicated to his horse and his wife is sadly not in a position to continue to care for her.
Horses4Homes is appealing to people, perhaps in their later years of life, who would like a horse that can live out all year round and is able to hack out 2-3 times a week. According to her owner, Bella is good to do in every way and has no health issues or issues whilst being ridden other than a distaste of tractors. If you can offer this horse a caring, loving home for the rest of her life and would enjoy hacking her out a few times a week then we urge you to apply.
To view Bella’s details please go to
To apply for Bella simply register for free on Hauctions and apply for her at a cost of £10. All potentially suitable candidates will be forwarded to the owner for her consideration. If successful you will be asked to pay £50 re-homing fee and the donation to the Horses4Homes Foundation requested by the owner to demonstrate your commitment to Bella.
Bella will be re-homed with all her tack and rugs.


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