Jack's New Owner

Jack's New Owner

Jack’s Previous Owner: “I just want to say thank you to Horses4Homes with the rehoming of Jack. Thank you to all the excellent applicants who took the time and money to express an interest in my boy also. The process for me was thorough and allowed for me to make very informed decisions. I had tried to sell and loan Jack previously but novice and inexperienced riders put themselves forward resulting in my becoming very disillusioned and my beloved horse becoming frustrated. I am very happy with Jack’s new home/owner and feel very reassured that the decision was made on full information sharing. Thank you Rebecca”
Jack’s New Owner: ‘We are thrilled to be taking Jack into our family. As I said to his owner it will be an honour and I’m sure Jack will provide all the pleasure’. The process of being an ‘Applicant’ has at times felt like applying for a job….. and you are doing just that, applying for a very important roll of protector and provider of someones treasured horse. Horses 4 Homes has enables owners and applicants to find one another, which can then deliver to the owner the ultimate and un-compromised choice of new home for their horse’


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