Learn about horses with like-minded people

Learn about horses with like-minded people

The British Equestrian Federation and British Horse Society have set-up the Participation Project with the aim of creating an informal community through livery yards and riding centres. The project provides current or potential horse owners with access to a network of advice, knowledge and education, enabling individuals to gain confidence in riding and horse care.  By creating a community, individuals can get more involved in activities with like-minded people, and share the cost of any training. The project aims to support the transition to horse ownership as well as giving confidence to existing horse owners to continue their enjoyment and education for longer.

What type of activities can be run as part of the Participation Project?

The two courses within this project which have been successful so far and are subsidised throughCRW_16127 this project are:

  • The Essential Horse Knowledge Certificate (EHKC), which is a theory-based course that can be held on the yard, in a tack room, or stable, or even in the local village hall or pub.
  • The Progressive Riding Tests (PRT) are much more practical, with riding and stable management tasks included. Therefore, access to horses and a yard is required. These can be using the participants’ own horses or it can be held at a licensed riding school, training yard, etc.

Other potential activities to get involved with include:

  • BHS Stage 1, Care and/or Riding
  • BHS Riding School Certificate of Competence
  • BHS fun rides
  • Volunteering activities via BHS regional events or BRC competitions
  • BHS regional activities and events
  • Inter-dressage competition, includes dressage, showing and unmounted fun activities, filmed and entered in competitions online
  • Links to Team Quest from British Dressage and BE80 from British Eventing
  • Equine First Aid

How to get involved

The great thing about this project is that it is open to all, especially those who are wishing to gain further knowledge and increase their confidence with and around horses – whether this is as a horse owner, rider, sharer or a mum and dad wishing to gain further equine knowledge. Everyone can get involved in conjunction with their local BHS Approved Centre or contact a BHS Accredited Professional Coach (APC) to run it at your livery yard.  You can search for these on the BHS website: http://www.bhs.org.uk/enjoy-riding/find-an-accredited-professional–coach.