"Our bond is rock solid."

"Our bond is rock solid."

Theo5Theo has been such an adventure so far. I think what makes him so special is not that he is just the kindest, most giving soul I’ve ever met but that he freed me from a great deal of personal problems I was having at the time. He is my therapy and together we’ve learnt not only to trust each other but also ourselves. He is an elixir to every bad day and in the short 6 months I’ve had him, he has both surprised me and made me so proud to be his owner with the vast amounts of love he has to give. Our bond is rock solid; I see it in his willingness to perform for me, his total trust in me even when he is very clearly scared of something and his unwavering attention when I am around him. He is young and so we’re going slow on the riding education but what I can say wholeheartedly is this boy and I are going to have so much fun together.



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